Wago To the Touch

Feb. 9, 2015
CP TV with TFT touchscreen options and ports

Perspecto CP TV features five sizes of TFT touchscreens (3.5, 5.7, 10.4, 12.1 and 15 in) and an expansive selection of ports: Ethernet (Modbus/TCP), CANopen, USB, RS-232 and RS-485. In addition to connectivity requirements, performance is also optimized with scaled processing power up to 1.6 GHz processor, 256 MB of RAM and 128 MB of flash memory. Removable memory expansion (up to 2 GB) is supported via microSD, SD or compact flash card for applications such as program backup/restore, recipe exchange and trending. Additional capabilities include trending (for capturing trend, event data or alarm information and opening in spreadsheets for analysis); integrated Web server (for remote access and network-wide streaming of dynamic HMI screens); FTP server, which enables data exchange between networked devices; and the ability to leverage the benefits of the Wago-I/O-System for I/O requirements. The Wago-I/O-Pro software is IEC-61131-compatible and an all-in-one development tool for Perspecto CP TV’s logic programming and graphic screen editing.