Beckhoff Terminals Slash Servo Footprint

April 19, 2014
Servo system leverages I/O technology to dramatically reduce drive space requirements

With the new EL7211 servo terminal, the EtherCAT I/O system from Beckhoff Automation now also offers a complete servo drive with an output current of up to 4.5 ARMS  ̶  integrated into a space-saving 24-mm terminal housing. This advanced EtherCAT Terminal is available with integrated resolver interface or with the One Cable Technology (OCT) solution. Especially when used in combination with the new AM811x servomotors, users take advantage of an extremely compact, efficient and inexpensive servo system.

The EL7211 servomotor EtherCAT Terminal with integrated resolver interface offers impressive drive power in a remarkably compact design for AM31xx and AM81xx series motors from Beckhoff. Designed with a 24-mm terminal housing, it delivers higher performance, with up to 4.5 ARMS at 50 V DC, than the already proven and popular 12-mm wide EL7201 servomotor terminal with 2.8 ARMS.

As the EL7211-0010 servomotor terminal supports absolute encoders, it is suitable for the AM81xx servomotor series with One Cable Technology (OCT). OCT combines power and feedback signals into one standard motor cable and significantly reduces material and commissioning costs. The integrated electronic identification plate of the servomotors can be read in automatically by the EL7211-0010 EtherCAT Terminal and simplifies motor commissioning.

The fast control technology of the EL7211 servomotor terminal, which is achieved through field-oriented current and PI speed control, is ideal for fast and highly dynamic positioning tasks. The monitoring of numerous parameters, e.g. overvoltage and undervoltage, overcurrent, terminal temperature or motor load via the calculation of a 12T model, offers maximum operational reliability. EtherCAT, as a high-performance communication system, and CAN over EtherCAT (CoE) as the application layer, enable optimum interfacing with PC-based control technology.

New compact servomotors save additional space

The new AM811x servomotors, which can be controlled by the EL72xx-0010, offer a scalable output of 50 to 250 W and are designed with a 40 mm flange size for minimal mounting spaces. They are equipped with single- or multi-turn absolute encoders with 15-bit resolution plus the OCT connection solution. Rotatable connectors with a quick connection and release feature facilitate mounting while ensuring industrial design. Three overall lengths and an optional backlash-free permanent magnet holding brake cover a wide range of applications.