KOE Americas' 15 in. TFT Lite+ LCD Display Modules

Feb. 26, 2013
KOE Americas, 15 in, TFT, Lite+ LCD, display modules, operator interface, display terminals, xga resolution
15 in. TFT Lite+ LCD (Model #TX38D18VM2BAA) display module is a high-bright, transmissive mode display with XGA (1024x768 pixels) resolution. It boasts a brightness rating of 1200cd/m² which is achieved with a white LED backlight that provides 50K hours of operation to half-brightness lifetime. A contrast ratio of 700:1 ensures clear, concise image reproduction. It supports a 20-pin, single channel LVDS interface which offers a user-selectable option of 6-bit or 8-bit RGB data to provide a 262K or 16.7M color palette respectively.