Newport's TDM-L Tablet Computer Mount

April 13, 2012
New TDM-L provides a stable, space-saving optical table mount for iPads, TouchPads, Galaxy Tabs, and more.
The new TDM-L is ideal for mounting tablet computers measuring from 8.5 in. to 10.7 in. (height), less than 7.7 inch (width), and under .56 in. (thickness).  Highly versatile, the new mount will also hold tablet computers with protective case covers. The tray design is spring-loaded, allowing safe and secure holding while permitting access to the tablet computers' charging, audio, and camera features.  The threaded mount (metric M6 or English ¼-20) easily installs to any optical table or breadboard and the ball-and-socket arm permits positioning in any orientation, portrait or landscape.