Galil's DMC-30017 Pocket Motion Controller

April 20, 2012
Galil Introduces DMC-30017 Pocket Motion Controller, a Single-Axis Controller With Microstepping Drive
DMC-30017 combines a single-axis motion controller with a 6 A microstepping drive. Like other products in the DMC-30000 Series, the DMC-30017 offers higher performance, better power efficiency, smaller size and a lower price than prior-generation, single-axis controllers. DMC-30017 contains a microstepping drive for operating a two-phase bipolar stepper motor. The drive produces 256 microsteps per full step or 1,024 steps per full cycle which results in 51,200 steps/rev for a standard 200-step motor. The maximum step rate generated by the controller is 3,000,000 microsteps/second. The DMC-30017 drives motors operating at up to 6 Amps at 20 -80 Vdc. There are four software-selectable current settings: 0.75 A, 1.5 A, 3 A and 6 A.