Advantech's IPPC-9151G and 9171G Industrial Panel PCs

May 7, 2012
Processing power has been upgraded from an Intel P-4 processor, making it faster and more cost effective.
The processing power of the IPPC-9151G and IPPC-9171G has been upgraded from a Pentium 4 to Intel Core i7 processors. Each includes iManager and SUSIAccess system management applications to support the management of these devices. For added flexibility, the IPPC-9000 series supports Windows Embedded Standard 2009 and QNX operating systems, which allow seamless integration with existing systems. Designed for the rigors of harsh industrial environments, the IPPC-9000 series with its toughened glass and aluminum bezel is NEMA4/IP65 certified. It can be cleaned without fear of damage from chemical cleaners, oil and water.