Kistler CoMo Injection Firmware Software Version 2.2.3

June 23, 2011
Kistler CoMo Injection Firmware Software Version 2.2.3 Offers Enhanced Real-Time Injection Molding Data Analysis Capabilities

Kistler introduces CoMo Injection Firmware software version 2.2.3, designed for greater functionality and enhanced zero-defect process monitoring capabilities within supported automotive, medical, electrical and two-shot injection molding operations. Developed in response to customer demand and with direct compatibility to Kistler CoMo Injection versions 2869A and 2869B, version 2.2.3 firmware software includes real-time curve display and cycle capabilities, with legacy cycle displacement via CoMo MIS and continuous background information collected as prior data is displayed. Curve data from up to 20 prior cycles may be displayed simultaneously, each superimposed on another for accurate comparisons, with the ability to zoom into individual parts of a curve view. Up to three sets of reference curves may be saved in the same format as specified in the curve viewer module. Enhanced mold settings include a fully redesigned sensors settings page; separated digital outputs specifications; and the ability to delay delivery output signals within multi-component applications.