Aerotech's Epaq MR Series Stand-Alone, Mutli-Axis Motion Controllers

June 7, 2011
The Ensemble Epaq MR is a 4- or 8- axis 3U rack-mount motion controller

Up to eight integrated drives in one stand-alone controller. Additional external drive axes can be added to provide up to ten axes of coordinated motion. Controller architecture capable of coordinating motion of up to five  independent tasks. Capable of driving and controlling linear or rotary brushless, DC brush servo, and microstepping motors. Complete motion capabilities include: point-to-point, linear and circular interpolation,
electronic gearing, velocity profiling. Program in AeroBASIC with the IDE, Microsoft .NET including C#, VB.NET, Managed C++, or LabVIEW. Remote ASCII interface provided for Windows or non-Windows programs (including Linux) to command the Epaq through standard Ethernet or RS-232 port. Advanced Windows-based remote diagnostics, tuning and programming interface software. Axis jogging/control with optional joystick. Fully compatible with EPICS set of software tools and applications, making Ensemble ideal for use in synchrotron and general laboratory facilities. Allen-Bradley EtherNet/IP interface provides full integration with the Ensemble; program the Ensemble directly from RSLogix 5000.

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