Wagos' JUMPFLEX 8-Channel Adapter for System Wiring

March 24, 2011
For large machines and equipment requiring large amounts of input and output signals, the demand for economical and error-free wiring on both field and control levels is crucial.

The 8-channel adapter for signal conditioners and relay modules from the JUMPFLEX series provides a fast, safe and cost-efficient solution. The eight digital or analog channels are combined within a JUMPFLEX module assembly. The appropriate adapter is simply plugged into the input or output side of the module assembly, with no tools required. On the module side, a 14- or 16-pin ribbon cable with male connector, or a 15-pin cable with D-sub connector plug connect to the control unit. On the control side, two types of connection are available:

  • Open end with stripped wires and ferrule, or 
  • 14- or 16-pin ribbon cable plug. 

The second option is for the WAGO-I/O-SYSTEM 750 Series 16-channel modules equipped with ribbon cable socket. This solution allows not only for fast wiring, but also provides a highly-reliable connection to the field and control level. These modules are available as digital input or output versions.

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