Kepware's Next Generation of DNP3.0 Drivers

March 24, 2011
DNP3.0, Automatic Device Discovery, and Link Tags all part of the new KEPServerEX version 5.3

Kepware Technologies adds the DNP3.0 Ethernet and DNP3.0 Serial drivers to the KEPServerEX v5 Suite. The DNP3.0 drivers include support for the Water Industry Telemetry Standard (WITS ) as an additional feature set. Built upon the DNP3 functionality, WITS support provides added security through authentication, additional data sets, specific to the water industry, plus the ability to manage distributed device assets and their attributes. The DNP protocol was developed as a standards-based interoperability solution between substation computers, RTUs, Intelligent Electronic Devices, and master stations. It is utilized in many industries, including Electric Utility/Power Distribution and Water/Waste Water Management. The unique capabilities of the DNP drivers provide utilities professionals with a comprehensive communication solution at an affordable price. The DNP3.0 Suite allows users to automatically connect, control, and manage devices from local or remote substations.