Apprion's ION Applications Video R3

March 3, 2011
Remote Process Monitoring. Safety. Security.

Apprion's Remote video monitoring can help address the challenges of increasingly complex regulations, an aging work force that will diminish the pool of skilled workers and the inherent problems of most processing facilities for plant safety, security and operations by providing visibility into hazardous and unmanned areas such as wellheads and substations, while extending the capabilities of your limited workforce. The ION Video Application analyzes motion, tracks, counts, and identifies objects and delivers video intelligence from live video streams. ION Video performs video analysis, issues real-time alerts to appropriate security, safety, and operational personnel, and archives video for intelligent search, event correlation, and performance auditing. With the ION Wireless Video Application, plants are equipped with an intelligent secure, reliable, low-cost way to significantly increase productivity, safely monitor those hazardous, remote locations and satisfy regulatory mandates.

Key ION Video R3 Application Feature include:

  • Integrated view and links of all facility cameras
  • Monitor the status and network activity of any IP-enabled camera
  • Optimized Archiving and event analysis
  • Intelligent Search on key visual attributes captured in the video
  • Carousel Monitoring from multiple cameras in an integrated dashboard
  • Video triggered alerts and alarms notify operators of specific plant events
  • Remotely monitor and diagnose operations through the central IONosphere console
  • Pan, tilt and zoom of camera remotely through IONosphere console
  • Asset Detector to continuously monitor a scene, detect and alert when any valuable property is removed
  • Object Left Detector to continuously monitor an area and detect objects that have been left unattended
  • Video Enhancer to process and enhance the quality of an input video stream for better viewing

Learn more about the Apprion R3 Video Application:  Download the datasheet now!