OMRON's MEMS Flow Sensors for Fuel Cell Systems

March 3, 2011
Omron release the D6F-70, a 70L/min MEMS flow sensor optimized for measuring the gas flow rate of fuel cell systems

The D6F-70 MEMS flow sensor is capable of measuring up to 70L/min- an improvement of 20L/min from the current model- all with a very high level of accuracy thanks to OMRON's unique MEMS technology. These sensors are needed to control the 70L/min flow rate of air as it reacts with hydrogen in home-use fuel cell systems. Some of the features included are:

  1. Pump vibration has been reduced by 90% compared to existing models allowing a higher level of flow sensing accuracy.
  2. The D6F-70 70L/min flow sensor is almost the same size (84.6 x 32 x 30mm) as existing 50L/min sensors. This was made possible with a unique new flow structure.
  3. Easier connection: Omron has added sensors with P14-type quick connectors to the series.