Pepperl+Fuchs's S-Interface Handheld VBP-HH1-V3.0-110V

Jan. 31, 2011
Set-up and Troubleshoot AS-Interface Networks Easier than Ever Before with New AS-Interface 3.0 Handheld Programming Device from Pepperl+Fuchs
Pepperl+Fuchs introduces the AS-Interface Handheld VBP-HH1-V3.0-110V addressing device for AS-Interface specification 3.0. This easy-to-use AS-Interface programming tool can be used to program and test the functionality of AS-Interface slaves, provide permanent data exchange with AS-Interface slaves, support data exchange with 4E4A slaves in extended addressing mode, and indicate the safety code for AS-Interface Safety-at-Work slaves. The AS-Interface 3.0 Handheld is an enhancement to the company's version 2.1 programmer, and offers a number of significant new features, including: Support for specification 3.0 profiles, the ability to read the safety sequence from safety input modules Semi-automatic addressing, faster address programming. These battery-powered (battery charger included) handheld programmers provide short circuit and overload protection of the slave connection. They are IP20 protected and rated for use in temperatures ranging from 0 … 40°C (32 … 104°F).