Calex's Strain Gage Signal Conditioner

Jan. 24, 2011
Low Cost 0-10V Strain Gage Signal Conditioner

The 6202 Series of strain gage signal conditioning modules is designed for cost sensitive applications and proovides precise excitation, amplification and filtering for any strain gage based measurement or control system. The unit is housed in a shielded 1" x 2" case attached to a mounting flange. The 6202 housing is ideal for mounting against a load cell, structural member or backplane. The 6202 provides a fixed +10VDC excitation voltage with up to 30mA of current making the unit capable of driving a single 350 ohm load cell/strain gage. The 6202 series has a variety of fixed gain options to meet your application requirements. Gain values range from 2 to 2965. The amplifier has a standard 0-10VDC output, which is rated at -3V to +15VDC. Extraneous noise is eliminated with the built-in 10Hz two-pole filter. The 6202 series is powered by 24VDC with a range of 18 to 26 Volts. The temperature coefficient of the 6202 series amplifier is 0.005%/°C as well as a Linearity of ±0.01%.