ROSS Controls' Size 2 Cat-4 Double Valve for Press Clutch/Brake Applications

Aug. 16, 2010
ROSS CONTROLS announces the introduction of the new compact size 2 DM2 Series D valve, the latest addition to ROSS' press application double valve family.
The compact size 2 DM2 Series D valve, is  100% dynamically-monitored valve that has complete memory, is control-reliable and Category-4 rated for press clutch/brake applications. For convenience and value, the DM2 Series D products integrate memory, monitoring and air flow functions into two identical valve elements. In the event of asynchronous valve element movement during actuation or de-actuation, the DM2 Series D valves will lock out, resulting in less than 1% residual outlet pressure, inhibiting further operation of the press. For enhanced safety, DM2 Series D valves is designed so that removing and reapplying air pressure cannot reset the valve. A variety of fault reset options are provided (remote air signal, optional integrated electrical/solenoid, or manual), all of which require overt action per ANSI, EN and many other global regulations.