Aerotech's Next Generation Motion, Vision, PLC, Robotics and I/O Platform

May 17, 2010
Intelligent 32-Axis Motion, Vision, PLC, Robotics, and I/O Platform
The Automation 3200 system features high-performance and software-only controller (Nmotion SMC) that offers 32 axes of synchronized motion control. The Nmotion SMC retains features of Aerotech's previous controllers and combines them with an advanced, high-performance control architecture to produce a motion, vision and I/O system. The Automation 3200 is capable of 32 axes of synchronized motion through one interface. Aerotech designed the current platform to be expandable to 62 axes of synchronized control. Work done on the Automation 3200 platform will be portable to future releases. Users can look forward to future advancements without having to worry about abandoning legacy programs.

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