IDEC's E-Stop Brochure

July 30, 2009
E-Stops Galore
E-STOPS GALOREThe E-stop brochure contains features (including overview of innovative safeguard technologies such as Safe Break Action), benefits, safety standards, specs, dimension drawings, images, comparison information and part numbers for XA 16mm illuminated and non-illuminated emergency stops, XW 22mm illuminated and non-illuminated e-stops, XN1E 30mm non-illuminated and illuminated e-stops, XN4E 30mm non-illuminated and illuminated Padlock e-stops, XN5E 30mm non-illuminated and illuminated Flush Mount Bezel e-stops, accessories, e-stop switch guards, e-stop nameplates, e-Stop Stations, L6 16mm Positive Action e-stops, HW22mm e-stops and Unibody e-stops, HN 30mm Unibody e-stops and TW 22mm e-stops, TWTD 30mm e-stops.