Dataforth's DIN rail mount carriers

April 2, 2009
Dataforth's DIN rail mount carriers for SensorLex 8B signal conditioners
The 8BP01 DIN rail mount carrier for SensorLex 8B isolated analog signal conditioning modules is available in two versions—the 5 Vdc-powered 8BP01-X05 and the 7-34 Vdc-powered 8BP01-X24. The 8BP01 measures only 2.32x3.54x0.65 in. (59x90x16.5 mm). The 8B carrier can be mounted on any standard DIN rail (EN 50022-35 and EN 50035-G32). Other design-in 8B accessories include a selection of standard and DIN backpanels (1, 2, 4, 8, and 16 channels).