A Better System for Better Control

Feb. 18, 2008
ACS Motion Control System Customized Multi-Axis Modular Control System

Customized Multi-Axis Modular Control System
Developed for OEM production, test or inspection equipment for flat panel displays, semiconductors, electronic assembly, general automation or medical, the MC4U is the first tailor-made solution that addresses the customized motion control needs of OEMs. The MC4U high performance control system combines controllers, drives, power supplies and additional I/O and networking capability to provide complete control of machine automation functions (motion, logic, power and data). Built from standard components, the MC4U is a rack-mounted system that addresses all multi-axis motion control needs, resulting in shorter development cycle time, reduced risk and lower costs. The MC4U is available in a short lead-time prototype version and also in a customized lower cost OEM version.