Advantech's DAQ card

Aug. 21, 2008
High-Resolution, Multifunction, Fast Sampling Rate


PCI-1742U high-resolution multifunction DAQ card with fast sampling rate for PCI bus provides 16x single-ended or 8x differential analog input channels, 1.0 MS/s single channel sampling rate (800 KS/s multi-channel), 2x 16-bit D/A output channels, 16x digital input/output channels, and 1x 10 MHz 16-bit counter channel. It includes a 1K analog input FIFO, auto calibration function, universal PCI Bus support (3.3V & 5 V PCI bus signaling), and board identification switch. The PCI-1742U comes with LabView drivers, Windows DLL drivers and ActiveX controls for programming with VB, VC, or Delphi.