Weidmüller's Z-Compact Mini Terminal Blocks

Aug. 14, 2008
Designed for Cramped Control Cabinets and Standard Junction Enclosures


Z-Compact mini terminal blocks are designed for cramped control cabinets and standard junction enclosures. They include the ZDU 2.5N, a single-level feedthrough terminal
that measures 1.4 in. in length and mounts on a TS-35 DIN-rail. At this compact size,
60 termination points per foot of DIN-rail are possible. The ZDU 2.5N has one pluggable
jumpering channel per terminal block and is available in three and four-branch configurations. Besides the single-level types, the series also consists of dual level versions. The terminals blocks are UL rated for 300 V, 20 A and 30-12 AWG.

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