Beckhoff Automation's CX1010 mid-range embedded PC

Jan. 18, 2008
Bundled with TwinCAT PLC and Windows OS


CX1010 DIN-rail mounted embedded PC with a 500 MHz Pentium MMX-compatible processor starts at under $1000 with bundled TwinCAT PLC software and Windows operating system and becomes a PLC and motion controller that can be used with or without visualization. The PC has built-in Ethernet connectivity and as an option, one DVI and two USB interfaces can be added. Further system interfaces for serial communication (2 RS232 or 2 RS422/485) or audio signals can be ordered separately. In addition to EtherCAT compatibility, further system I/O and fieldbus interfaces from the CX family can be connected via the PC/104 interface, which is available on both sides of the device. These give the user five additional fieldbus options: DeviceNet, Profibus, Sercos, CANopen or Lightbus. Beckhoff Automation LLC; 952/890-2888;