Pro-Face's PS3000 series light duty industrial touchscreen computers

Nov. 18, 2007
Early Fault Detection
Early Fault DetectionPS3000 series light duty industrial touchscreen computers includes three IPC sizes, a 8.4 in., a 2 12 in. and a 15 in. unit, All with full WindowsXP multi-language or Windows 2K operating system pre-installed. All three include system boot from a flash card and early warning PC failure detection. The PCs support RAS functionality allowing local or remote monitoring or alerts of the IPC system properties including power voltage, fan speed, CPU temperature, touch panel, backlight and hard drive conditions. RAS lets users know status and availability of a factory floor PC both locally and remotely via pop-up messages and driving a stack light indication visual condition from a distance, or sending status information directly to another control room computer via Ethernet. Control room staff and floor supervisors are immediately alerted if a PC component, temperature or other diagnostics option detects abnormalities. An alarm message and other alerts are set allowing staff to initiate a safe and controlled system shutdown or effect environment adjustments in case of excessive heat.Pro-face America; 734/429-4971;