Sick Stegmann's Hiperdrive is an alternative to traditional hand wheels

Nov. 19, 2007
Quick Machine Changeovers
Quick Machine ChangeoversHiperdrive is an alternative to traditional hand wheels and is a positioning drive solution that facilitates fully automatic product and format changes on production machines. It is designed for small batch sizes and frequent product changes on packaging and processing machinery. Hiperdrive is not intended to be a replacement for classical servo drives on process axes machinery, but rather a reasonably priced alternative for automating the adjustment of auxiliary axes. It consists of a fully integrated motor, gears and an absolute measurement system, along with performance and regulatory electronics. It's compact size allows integration into new and existing machines in the printing, packaging and metal-processing industries, among others. An IP65 enclosure rating allows the positioning drive to operate in harsh industrial environments. SICK STEGMANN; 800/811-9110;