Surge-Trap surge suppressor

Jan. 29, 2007
Transient voltage surge suppressor offers finger-safe protection
Surge SuppressorSurge-Trap transient voltage surge suppressor (TVSS) features a patented, thermally protected metal oxide varistor (MOV) that does not require the use of additional overcurrent protection. The TVSS offers IP-20 grade "finger-safe" protection and mounts easily on a DIN rail to safeguard critical electrical system components - and highly sensitive integrated electronics - from the deleterious effects of transient overvoltages. Applications include AC/DC power distribution, high-voltage power supplies, telecommunications equipment, PLC applications, electronic motor controllers and starters, medical equipment, and UPS and security systems. Surge-Trap, has passed the new test requirements in the UL1449 second edition standard for TVSS products. The abnormal over voltage test now includes additional test currents of 10A, 100a, 500A and 1,000 amps. These test levels, which shouldn't seem problematic, are surprisingly causing many manufacturers to redesign equipment due to product failure. Including features for both visual status indication and remote signaling indication, the Surge-Trap TVSS is suitable for system voltages from 120V to 480V and MCOV rated 150V to 550V, with a 100kA Interrupting Rating and 40kA 8/20µs surge capacity or rating per mode. Agency approvals include UL 1449, Second Edition, ANSI/IEEE C62.41 and IEC 61643. Multiple configurations are available and users have the option of either DIN rail or direct panel mounting.