Turck's PSU67 Power Supply

Jan. 18, 2007
Power supply solves design problems
To address a growing request from machine builders, discrete manufacturers, and system integrators in the industrial automation marketplace, the traditional design of power supply modules had to change. These components normally have been enclosed in protective housings, took up more space than system designers preferred, and had limited mounting possibilities in remote applications.

Just as I/O and other distributed control elements have had to be become more modular and machine-mountable, power supply designs now need to accommodate on-machine and factory floor installations, with the elimination of a traditional protective enclosure a primary objective. The design has to allow these power supplies to be mounted almost anywhere on machinery without an enclosure.

With those issues in mind, Turck is introducing its PSU67 24 V IP67-rated power supplies to give machine control system designers flexibility in both installation and ruggedness. The new devices complement the company's line of modular I/O systems. The PSU67 power supplies feature a reduced size and eliminate the enclosure for improved functionality and quality.

“We've aimed to reduce installation costs and simplify connectivity,” says Mark DiSera, Turck's product marketing manager. “We also think the IP67 power supply will emerge quickly as the de facto standard for remote modular power supplies.”

The power supply uses a unique thermoselective vacuum encapsulation process that facilitates use in extremely harsh environmental conditions. “In fact, the power supplies are IP67 rated for washdown applications,” says DiSera. “The potting material also provides self-extinguishing capability and meets UL94-VO standards.

“Elimination of the enclosure allows the user to save installation time, material cost and allows for quicker commissioning,” adds Bob Gardner, senior product engineer.
“We already are planning the next release of this product, which will include a dual output that provides two 24 VDC (4 A) outputs, allowing the user to split the network power in each direction.”

With efficiencies the company says approach or equal 90% and isolation protection to 3.3 kVAC, the units come with output power ranges of 50 W, 100 W, and soon will offer dual-output 200 W; with input ranges of 90-264 VAC or 110-375 VDC. Ambient operating temperature range is listed at -25 to +60 C. The case and potting material are UL 94-VO standard vacuum encapsulated. “We believe this is the most rugged connectorized power supply available,” says Gardner. “It is completely potted.”

The connections are industry standard minifast 7/8 in. connectors, and the device carries approvals from UL, CE, and CAN/CSA

The 50 W and 100 W devices (PSU67-11-2420/M and PSU67-11-2440/M) have a footprint of 166x85x35 mm; when it's released, the dual-output 200 W (PSU67-11-2480/M) will measure 187x119x52 mm. “The power supply typically is 30% smaller than competitive products,” claims Gardner. “Plus, it has a smooth surface so that it is easier to clean in food applications.

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