EPLAN's Electric P8 Software

Sept. 16, 2006
Electrical schematics software helps manage projects
Electrical SoftwareElectric P8 electrical software allows you to create, manage and document your controls hardware projects with efficiency, flexibility and global integration. Gain productivity, quality and accuracy in the design of your electrical schematics and all associated reports, lists and forms. Capabilities include the ability to insert sections of circuits (macros) with up to eight graphical variants containing pre-engineered data. True multi-user access allows users to simultaneously work on the same project and instantly view the changes made by the others. Change schematics drawn according to European standards into North American standards and vice versa by automatically switching the symbols and orientation of your drawings. Work in the order your design process dictates. Start with a BOM, a mounting panel or a schematic and the software will seamlessly integrate and cross-reference all project data. Accurately and logically represent devices connected through any bus topology and manage their relationships. Submit your schematics in any language.