Isolated PCI DAQ, Motion Board

March 24, 2006
Direct connectivity to industrial sensors and drives
Isolated PCI DAQ, Motion BoardPCI-6230 isolated DAQ board features analog and digital I/O lines with built-in digital isolation for direct connectivity to industrial sensors. PCI-7390 position (pulse) command motion controller with built-in isolation offers direct connectivity to motion drives, and provides synchronization capabilities with vision and DAQ hardware. The board features eight 16-bit analog inputs with a 250 kS/s sampling rate, four 16-bit analog outputs with a 500 kS/s maximum output rate, six digital inputs and four digital outputs. It uses digital isolation technology based on chip-scale transformers for increased signal bandwidth and features 1,950 VDC/ 1,400 Vrms of channel-to-bus isolation withstand for up to 5 s and 60 VDC continuous bank isolation.

PCI-7390 motion controller features built-in isolation technology, multi-axis coordination and I/O synchronization, and provides direct connectivity to popular industry drives. The controller is a four-axis position (pulse) command motion controller that offers fully programmable motion control for up to four independent or coordinated axes of motion. It features dedicated motion I/O for limit and home switches and additional I/O for general-purpose functions including "in-position,” “inhibit input/drive alarm” and “servo ready.”

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