Ethernet controller offers new functions

April 4, 2005
Ethernet controller offers new functions
Ethernet Controller750-841 Series Ethernet TCP/IP programmable fieldbus controller has double the data memory to 256kb, a multi-tasking operating system, and the ability to complete on-line programming changes. The Ethernet controller include a 32bit RISC processor; 512kb program memory; 24kb retentive memory; 100Mbits/s Ethernet; IEC-61131-3 programming; the latest open architecture software interfaces; and industrial Ethernet protocols ModbusTCP and EtherNet/IP.The thernet controller is 100% compatible with all 750 series I/O modules allowing the flexibility to interface with over 100 modular (2,4, or 8 channel) digital, analog, and special function I/O modules. Additional features include a real-time clock for time stamping and scheduling applications, as well as having programs stored in flash memory to ensure system integrity on recovery from power failure--eliminating the need for periodic battery replacement.This upgraded Ethernet Controller easily interfaces to virtually any enterprise information architecture (including Microsoft .NET, UNIX, and LINUX-based systems), to link factory floor processes to enterprise information systems through functions that support HTTP, XML, DHCP, DNS, FTP, SNMP and SMTP. Greater versatility is also realized by this controllers capability to support a wide range of devices including bar code readers, RFIDs, HMIs, encoders, bar code printers, message displays, light boards, drive interfaces and can subnet serial protocols.

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