OI touch panels feature advanced animation

Nov. 28, 2005
OI touch panels feature advanced animation
Operator Interface Touch Panels
Opeartor interface touch panels are available in either grayscale (15 shades of gray) or full color (256 to 64,536 colors, depending on model). STN grayscale and color displays are available in a 6-inch touch screen. Color TFT touch screens are available in 6, 8, 10, 12 or 15-inch versions. Panels include:
  • Over 65,000 colors on TFT models
  • Bright, high resolution displays
  • USB, Compact Flash, and Ethernet connectivity
  • Advanced animation
  • Data logging
  • Project simulator
  • Built-in FTP server, e-mail client and Web server
Hardware features include an analog touch screen, 10MB or 40MB project memory (depending on model), serial RS232, RS422/485 and Ethernet 10/100BaseT ports, and two USB ports. Optional Compact Flash cards up to 1GB or USB memory devices can be installed in most models to accommodate alarm, event and message logging. Panels are programmed with Windows-based configuration software that includes 4,000 built-in symbols and 14 typefaces with hundreds of font sizes. Graphic features include animation of bitmaps, overlapping objects and custom object creation. Communication capabilities include a built-in FTP server, e-mail client and web server. A project simulator allows the developer to view and test a project on the PC screen exactly as it would appear on the touch panel. Editorial Contact: CLICK HERE for a sneak preview of this product line.