Smart distributed I/O creates an automation island

April 4, 2005
Smart distributed I/O creates an automation island
Smart Distributed I/O
Telemecanique Advantys OTB has been optimized for use in modular distributed I/O architectures. Open and modular, the distributed I/O enables manufacturers to create islands of I/O that are managed by a master controller over a fieldbus or communications network. Based on an expandable block type architecture suited for small and medium-size islands of distributed I/O that need to be located as near to a machine as possible, the I/O can be placed closer to the sensors and actuators it controlss.

It is available with three communication bases (interface modules) to work with CANopen, Ethernet TCP/IP or Modbus RS 485 serial line. Inputs and outputs are directly integrated into each interface module. Each base also includes 20 I/O (12 24 Vdc inputs, 6 relay outputs and two 24 Vdc solid-state outputs).

The I/O reduces the number of spare parts and accessories required to create an automation island. Up to seven digital or analog expansion modules can be connected to a base. The expansion modules, like the interface modules, clip on to 35mm symmetrical rails and enable configurations of up to 132 digital I/O and up to 48 analog I/O channels, or a mixture of both types.