ReeR MOdular SAfety Integrated Controller

Sept. 13, 2022

AutomationDirect’s ReeR MOdular SAfety Integrated Controller (MoSaIC) is designed to make it easy to manage safety systems and sensors. It is modular, expandable and configurable for managing all safety functions of a single machine or an entire plant. The new MoSaIC-MV series speed monitoring expansion modules are an addition that allow speed monitoring of rotating machinery via proximity sensors or TTL, HTL and SIN/COS encoder inputs. Also added is the M1S enhanced controller master module that includes built-in safety I/O and supports safety modules, including two combination safety I/O modules that support eight or 12 inputs, as well as four individual OSSD safety outputs, a safety output module with four single- or two-pair OSSD outputs and four configurable I/O and a safety analog input module.