NexSafe functional safety certified rod locks

Sept. 13, 2022

The NexSafe functional safety certified rod locks are designed and built specifically to be compatible with almost all pneumatic cylinders or round shafts and rails. NexSafe spring-engaged, air-released rod locks are designed to provide machine builders with a reliable, verified safety solution for emergency stopping and precision-holding applications. NexSafe rod locks are safety-certified to comply with international safety standard ISO 13849-1. Category level up to 4 and performance Level up to e can be achieved using NexSafe products in the recommended configuration. NexSafe products have earned the Intertek functional safety (FS) mark. Nexen’s rod lock operating mode sensors, for engagement or disengagement, are Industry-4.0-compatible to provide accurate linear positioning, predictive maintenance and operational feedback information. Highlights include precision holding with guide rod systems and NFPA and ISO cylinders; multiple engagement springs; default to lock; and B10d of 4 million cycles. B10d indicates the number of cycles at which 10% of components have failed dangerously.