Control Design Essential Series

Get up to speed quickly with the Control Design Essentials white paper series

Written by the editors of Control Design, the mission of the Essentials Series is to provide industrial machinery designers with an up-to-date, top-level understanding of a range of key machine automation topics. Our intent is to present essential engineering concepts in a practical, non-commercial fashion, together with a review of the latest technology and marketplace drivers.


cdwpa 180308 MTS essentials

The essentials of robust linear position sensors

In this installment of the Essentials white paper series, learn how careful consideration of temperature, shock and vibration, as well as mechanical installation, and ensuring product specifications meet requirements will keep your linear position sensors smart and working robustly well into the 21st century. Get the white paper here.

cd1802 essentials iiot ready osisoft

The essentials of the "IIoT-Ready" machine

In this installment of the Essentials white paper series, learn how a new class of embedded software application—part historian, part analytical engine, part operator interface and part fault tolerant integration platform—is allowing industrial OEMs to build “IIoT-ready” machines. Get the white paper here. 


The essentials of distributed servo systems


In this installment of the Essentials white paper series, learn how you can cut costs and build more flexible machines with distributed servo systems. Get the white paper here. 

 eplan data design essentials

The essentials of data-driven automation design


Control Design's editors explore how a new generation of tools and methodologies are demonstrating design cost savings of up to 80%, along with significant improvements in design integrity and project execution time. Get the white paper here.

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 mettler toledo 2014

The essentials of electronic weighing


This installment in Control Design's Essentials series will help you grasp the key considerations when selecting and implementing an electronic weighing subsystem. Get the white paper here.

 siemens essentials 2

Essentials of efficient control design


This Control Design Essentials guide focuses on control panel switching devices, including state-of-the-art control design, energy efficiency, extensive monitoring and more. Get the white paper here.

 national instruments

The essentials of embedded machine control


In this Essentials white paper, the editors of Control Design explore the pros and cons of the range of control options available from classic PLCs to PACS and more. Get the white paper here.


The essentials of machine safety


Our editors examine key regulatory and technical issues involved in ensuring safe machine operation — and how OEMs can go about making machines as safe as possible without impacting productivity. Get the white paper here.


How much HMI is enough for your machine?


Human-machine interface solutions can range widely in sophistication and cost, depending largely on how much interaction and information exchange is required between the human operator and the machine in question. In this Essentials white paper, find out how much HMI is enough for your machine. Get the white paper here.


The essentials of effective cabinet planning


This edition of Control Design's Essentials white paper series covers aspects of planning for modern design, while also keeping security at the forefront of planning as the plant network shares data to the cloud and beyond via the Internet of Things. Get the white paper here.

 eplan 2 control panel design

The essentials of automated control panel design


In this white paper, you'll learn how applying advanced computer-aided design to engineering and manufacturing can automate processes from design of power distribution, communication networks, I/O and panel layouts to a significant portion of control-panel manufacturing, such as enclosure modifications, panel layouts, cable runs and wire routing. Get the white paper here.



The essentials of presence sensors


In this installment in the Control Design Essentials series, you'll learn the key application considerations for choosing among sensor technologies, as well as the latest usage trends. Get the white paper here.

 epicor essentials

Essentials of enterprise resource planning


Enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems serve as the infrastructure and transactional engine to keep plant floors and more working smoothly. ERP solution topics discussed in this white paper include responsiveness, choice, mobility and more. Get the white paper here.

 CD1601 Siemens Essentials proof7 1

Essentials of push buttons and pilot devices


Push buttons and signaling devices all continue to have their place throughout a factory, and are about a quarter-billion-dollar slice of the industrial automation hardware market. That’s a big slice. Clearly the push button is not going away. Get the white paper here.