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Manufacturing in the U.S.
Though the Latest Unemployment Advances Are Worthy of Some Optimism, Employment Numbers May Never Be What They Were

The Prodigal Job Returns
Will U.S. Manufacturing Jobs Lost to China Ever Be Recovered?

Cooperative Provides Skilled Workers
Fives Cinetic Offers Solution to Replace and Develop Engineering Staffs

ITIF: U.S. Manufacturing Losses Worse Than Thought
Sharp Declines Not Only in Employment, But Also Output

How to Build a Better Operator
Collaborative Research Effort Looks for Keys to Improved Effectiveness

The Challenge of a Multigenerational Workforce
Commitment, Leadership, Respect Help Generations Find Common Ground, Communicate, Collaborate

Good Time to Be an Automation Pro
Demand for Talent Continues to Outstrip Supply

People, We Need People
Lack of Skilled Workers Encourages Companies to Use Co-Op, Intern Programs When Hiring

Lack of Skill or Lack of Respect?
Engineers Say Pay Us What We're Worth

Customer-Driven Machine Design
Automation Holds its Greatest Potential When You Examine and Understand the Drivers Behind Your Customers Business

DAQs Multiply, Diversify for New Jobs
Suppliers Need to Keep Up With DAQs Shifting Definitions, Keep Pace With Places DAQ Functions Can Be Applied

Might Manufacturing Come Back Because of Pendulumitis?
Find the Center: As a Group, We Need to Address Our Own Pendulums

Expand Your Functionality
Integrated Automation Can Put a Big Bang in Your Universe, Making You a Star in New Markets as Machine Design Gets Easier and Cheaper

New Strategies, Tools Keep Network Neighborhoods Cool
Turf Battles, Finger-Pointing Cause Many Conflicts Between Control Engineers, IT Staff

Automation Professionals Invest in Education
It's Back-to-School Time for Training and Certification

IT vs. Control Engineering: Conflict Resolution
Common Ground or Battleground?

Reader Feedback: Automation Jobs and Third-World Ingenuity
A Reader Disagrees With Our Editor That Lack of Respect or Low Pay Deters Young People From Entering Technical Fields

CEOs Optimistic About Their Companies' Revenue Growth
Despite Economic Uncertainties, Industrial Manufacturing CEOs Look to Change Course for a Brighter Future by Reevaluate Strategies

Send Us Your Feedback on the Manufacturing Skills Gap
Editor in Chief Joe Feeley Wants to Know What Readers' Reactions Are to American Companies Saying They Are Unable to Find Skilled Workers

Building Good Relationships With Local Suppliers, Communities Makes for Global Success
A Company Can Be a Good Neighbor by Building a Community Where Engineers, Operators Want to Work

Too Many Automation Professionals Remain Jobless
Machine Elves Needed: Why Is It So Hard to Hire Qualified Individuals?

Reader Feedback: Hiring Qualified Engineering Candidates at Low Prices
Our Readers Reacts to Editor in Chief Joe Feeley's "Skills Gap Doesn't Add Up" Article

Motivation 101: How Do You Define Success?
The Biggest Reality Show Is Our Own Lives and Careers

Smart Technology Changes Operations
Can Humans and Machines Peacefully Co-Exist In the Future?

Do Not Slip Up On Security
When It Comes to Protecting Your Network Against Intruders, You Can't Afford to Fall Down on the Job

How to Build an Automation Team
Successful Machine Builders and System Integrators Find the Best People, Fill Skills Gaps, and Manage and Nurture Technology-Savvy Teams

It Breaks the Mold on Machining
Romi's Vertical Machining Center Takes on More Diverse Jobs

2010 Salary Survey Results
They Say That Money Can't Buy You Love. Apparently It Can't Buy You Job Satisfaction Either

Across the Great Divide?
What Generation Gap? The Preferred Product Research Methods of Machine Control Professionals Don't Vary Much by Age Group

Despite Job Worries, Engineers' Salaries Show Slight Increase
2009 Research Shows Slight Up-Tick in Pay: Ninth Annual Control Design Salary and State-of-Mind Survey Shows Education Still Plays Key Role

Reward Valuable Employees, Despite the Economy
Engineering Gurus Float Above the Bottom Line

Pay Attention to Alarms
Be Careful. There Are Some Alarms That You Can't Ignore, Especially if Your Job Depends on Them

Tools of the Trade
What Is Your Favorite Work-Related Technology or Device That’s Essential to Your Job?

How to Build an Automation Professional
Industry Steps Up To Nurture and Train Automation Professionals

What Cost, These Controls Engineers?
Salaries Skyrocket, According to Our Annual Survey

Automation Causes Job Destruction
We Automation Professionals First Laid Waste to Employment in the Agricultural Sector Worldwide Through Automation, and We Now Have Manufacturing in Our Cross Hairs

Beyond the Wallet
According to our annual survey, money isn't everything. Keeping up with the latest technological innovations can be what financially separates machine control professionals in mid-career

Does Technology Drive Inequality?
The worldwide demand for manufactured goods can’t match the growth in productivity. Manufacturing employment and the middle-class jobs associated with it inevitably must decline.