Module type package resources

Jan. 17, 2022

Control's monthly resources guide complements MTP feature article, "Modular process automation: More than the sum of parts."

MTP webpages at AT NAMUR

NAMUR's website includes several webpages with useful information about MTP, including "Automaton modular plants" with links to an overview about MTP and a one-page flowchart. The website also has a "WG 1.12 Modules/Plug-and-Produce" page that details the organization's activities, goals and advantages of modularizing with MTP. It also includes a link to an abstract of NAMUR's NE 148 recommendation on "Automation requirements relating to modularization of process plants." They're at NAMUR also presented a 15-minute video, "Drivers for plug-and-play concepts" by Michael Krauss of NAMUR at ARC Industry Forum 2019.