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Nov. 17, 2021

Industry has been on the digital journey for some years, and while some have made big strides, many have yet to start. In big industry, like automotive and tire manufacturing, the opportunities for growth seem limitless, as are the risks of failure. During the Automotive & Tire Industry Forum at this week’s Automation Fair 2021 in Houston, industry leaders discussed what advances these industries have made with digital, what has inhibited scaling at the company level and industry-wide, and what the industry can do to encourage digital transformation and support its long-term growth.

Use cases exist in many industries and real change has been realized through digital technology, but those special cases here and there aren’t leading to wider implementation across industry just yet. Many are just beginning.

Chad Markle, global director of industrial and high tech at Kalypso, a Rockwell Automation company, said the first step for any company is a change-oriented champion. Additionally, companies need an empowered team to understand the vision and drive it forward. Markle noted that there is a rational and emotional human element to the process. “We’ve got to think about how we engineer that path to success,” Markle said. Celebrate the wins and use the momentum to carry it forward, he added. “It’s really important when you get the use cases to make sure you nail it; then you’ll have champions in the plant,” Markle said.

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