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Putman Media mourns long-time editor Paul Studebaker

Sept. 13, 2021

Those of you who’ve been part of the Control community for more than a couple of years will remember Paul Studebaker. After more than 25 years on the editorial team of Control and other Putman Media titles, and an all-too-short retirement spent battling resurgent prostate cancer, he passed on Aug. 14, 2021—survived by his lovely wife of 36 years, Bettyann, and grown sons Benjamin and Adam.

I’ll very much miss his friendship, his wry wit and his ability to coalesce the essential elements of a story into the concise, meaningful communications that engineers and other busy professionals expect and deserve in the magazines and media brands they rely on to keep abreast of the latest developments in their field. Engineering and communications (the human kind, not digital protocols) aren’t always easy bedfellows, but Paul successfully made the transition and took to heart our collective mission of helping those in industry run safer, more reliable, and more sustainable operations in the support of society’s needs.

He was a renaissance man, his elder son Benjamin noted in a moving eulogy. “Most engineers can’t write,” he said, “but given enough time, my Dad could figure anything out.”

Paul went on to win numerous awards for his articles and editorials from the American Society of Business Press Editors and was on the team that won a Jesse H. Neal award for editorial excellence, the most prestigious award given in the field.

Read the rest of Keith Larson's tribute to Paul Studebaker on ControlGlobal.com.

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