6 how-to articles to help solve problems from cyber attacks, choosing the right controller and more

July 20, 2015
From linking machine control to IT systems, troubleshooting machines, protecting systems from cyber attacks and more, the day can be fraught with problems to solve. Here's help.

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Sometimes all it takes to fix a problem is knowing how to do it. In these six articles, everything from developing effective training programs to troubleshooting industrial machines is covered in painstaking detail so that you can fix the problems encumbering the workspace. Check out these how-to articles offering solutions for the difficulties that plague so many in the industry:

How to protect controllers from cyber attacks

In this article, an international panel of experts explores how best to protect controllers from cyber attacks. The panel delves into an array of solutions including temper detection circuits, interface protection and more. As the experts are sure to note, no measures will be completely impenetrable, but implementing common-sense measures and fortified defenses are definitely worth it. Read more.

How to link machine controls to IT systems

Long gone are the days of isolated islands of automation or machines linked together with a hardwired I/O. As we realize the immense benefits that linking machine controls to IT systems offers, it has become the rule rather than the exception. Read as author Dan Hebert guides you through the process of connecting controls to an IT system and displays the benefits it provides. Read More.

How to combat a lack of fundamentals in EE degree training

Follow Washington-based Electroimpact as they revolutionize industry training to combat a lack of fundamentals. Companies nationwide are encountering the same problems as Electroimpact, with prospective engineering candidates having the credentials on paper, but forgoing basic physics or circuit skills. In this article, author Dan Hebert analyzes the case study of Electroimpact, using them as a model for training employees with a real-world emphasis. Read more.

How to make retrofits work with legacy systems

In this article, Jeremy Pollard recounts an experience he had with a customer after they blew a power supply. Newer, retrofitted power supplies can be excellent options, but making them work with Legacy systems can be an extensive task to say the least. Pollard’s experience in the field allowed him to save a situation that many may have written off as doomed, but how can someone with less experience still be the hero? Read the article to find out how to make Retrofits work with Legacy, no matter the obstacles you may face. Read more.

How to troubleshoot industrial machines

Author Katherine Bonfante compiles a helpful and informative list detailing how to troubleshoot different industrial machines, from vision systems to motion controllers. In a situation that requires the patience of a saint, how can we increase efficiency in order to stray away from simple trial and error? Erratic machine behavior can be a frustrating endeavor, so this article is a great place to start thinking about how you’ll troubleshoot your machine the next time it goes kaput.  Read more.

How to choose the best controller for the situation

In an industry filled with PLCs, PACs, IPCs and every letter in between, how do you know which controller is best for you? In this comprehensive piece by Leslie Gordon, she discusses the proper applications for each type of controller, as well as the blurred lines separating them. This is not only a great piece to apply in the workspace when choosing a controller, but also provides great explanation and analysis of the core differences between the three types to help you better understand this growing market. Read more. 

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