Infographic: What Type of Portable/Handheld Devices Have You Used to Interact With or Monitor Individual or Multiple Machines?

Oct. 30, 2013
17.2% of Survey Respondents Say They Use Plug-in-Handheld

An electronic survey of Control Design readers was conducted in April 2013 in order to identify usage and application trends of HMI & industrial PCs among the industrial machine builders that comprise Control Design's readership.

The types of devices preferred by those respondents who do use handheld/portable devices are as follows:

  1. Plug-in-handheld 17.2%
  2. Smart phone/tablet 12.6%
  3. Remote pager/phone/email notification 8.1%
  4. Wireless handheld 5.8%

56.3% of respondents do not use these devices.

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