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Mobility, Efficiency Push HMI Growth

Feb. 14, 2012
New Packaging Requirements Also Will Increase HMI Demand

Growing industrial demand for energy efficiency and sustainability is pushing up revenues for HMI software and services, a market that experienced strong order recovery and growth, according to a new study from the ARC Advisory Group. Requirements to improve manufacturing productivity and safety, as well as investments for new and upgraded power and infrastructure projects, also drove growth.

Demand has increased significantly for the ability to view and/or control processes via the Internet or corporate intranets as HMI software shifts from standalone computing toward client/server architecture, says Craig Resnick, ARC research director and the study's principal author. "Demand continues to increase for HMI thin-client products, which users utilize to view and/or control a process from a computer or browser-embedded device on which no HMI software is installed," he says. "These thin-client HMI products and solutions also enable end users to remotely and securely visualize and execute applications from any location around the globe."

OEMs make up a key market for HMI. Applications can include, for example, plastics or packaging machinery, where the machinery supplier purchases HMI software products to embed in its machines. As an example, growing global consumer pull for additional SKUs and more sophisticated packaging requirements are spurring new food and beverage applications, which will increase the demand for OEM packaging machinery to support this market growth, Resnick points out. This trend will increase demand for HMI for both on-machine and M2M applications, he adds.

Two Feet of Display
Panel PC series with a 24 in. TFT display and 1920x1200 pixel resolution has an optional touchscreen and can be customized. The displays are available with integrated CPUs or as display-only panels. CP7xxx series offers IP65 protection; CP6xxx panel series has IP20 at the back and IP65 at the front.
Beckhoff Automation
(952) 890-0000
Panel Power
Power Panel 500 is equipped with Intel Atom Z510, Z520 and Z530 processors, and up to 2 GB of main memory, and includes panels ranging from 5.7 in. VGA to 15 in. XGA displays with touchscreen and function keys. Gigabit Ethernet interface is available, and remote I/O and drives can be connected using modular fieldbus interfaces. The devices can be expanded with Powerlink, CANbus, Profibus-DP or others.
B&R Industrial Automation
(770) 772-0400
Always Ready
Type 4/4X (IP66) VisuNet Ind 8200 Series HMI Panel Mount PCs and Monitors are shock- and vibration-resistant, globally certified for Class I, Div. 2 and Zone 2 (pending) operation, and are rated for 24/7 operation in extended temperature environments. They are available in KVM remote monitor, Ethernet remote monitor and panel PC configurations with a chemically resistant 15 or 19 in. touchscreen, including LED-backlit, anti-glare, transflective LCD, and hardened resistive glass.
(330) 486-0002
Keypad HMI
AKI Series keypad HMI panels are available in 5.7 and 10.4 in. screen sizes, with LED status indicators to give users confidence that inputs are correct. The panels are programmed using Visualization Builder software, and keypad and touchscreen HMI panels are available with a variety of templates for common process screens, as well as drive operations and configurations.
(540) 633-3545
Safe Touch
Status display touchscreen for G9SP programmable safety controller displays safety I/O error codes and enables users to view status of safety inputs and outputs without indicator lights. Users can reset up to four zones directly from the touchscreen. The touchscreen’s display is LCD monotone, with 16 shades of gray, rated for more than 1 million touchscreen operations, and satisfies relevant IEC and EN standards.
Omron STI
(508) 608-3400
Wide-Screen Web
WebOP-2000T industrial operator panels with 4.3–10.1 in. widescreen displays accommodate many PLCs with more than 300 drivers. The NEMA4/IP66 panels feature 128 MB onboard flash memory and microSD card slot for additional applications. WebOP Designer, an object-orientated programming application, is included.
Advantech Industrial Automation
(800) 205-7940
More Talk
FactoryTalk ViewPoint 2.0 software extends visualization and real-time capabilities to browser-based remote users, and supports fully scalable and animated web displays of existing FactoryTalk View HMI software and PanelView Plus applications. This release adds compatibility with Google Chrome 10 and Safari 5, in addition to the existing support for Microsoft IE6 7 or 8, and Mozilla Firefox 3. Enhanced security system allows administrators to define user groups and assign them access for view and/or write capabilities.
Rockwell Automation
(414) 382-2000
Your App to See More
C-more remote HMI application for iPod, iPad or iPhone is available at the iTunes App Store and provides remote access and control to mobile users with a Wi-Fi or cellular connection. A C-more panel with remote connectivity is required, but the app does not require third-party remote desktop VNC-type applications. Multilevel logon security for up to three remote access user accounts are configured and stored in the panel project.
(770) 889-2858
Works When It’s Hot
NI TPC-2206 and TPC-2212 touch panel computers with extended operating temperature range based on the 1.33 GHz Intel Atom processor have 4 GB solid-state drives for reliable operation in extended vibration environments and Windows Embedded OS for long-term deployment and support. They include 1 GB of RAM, 2 Gb Ethernet ports and LED backlight technology.
National Instruments
(800) 258-7022
Widescreen Viewing
PowerView 8000 Series HMIs have 7 and 10 in. wide-screen TFT LCD displays with LED backlights and 800x480 screen resolutions, and come with EasyBuilder configuration software with advanced object libraries, historical and real-time trending, alarm and recipe management, Windows multi-language text display, support for the most popular graphic formats, and support for more than 175 drivers on 79 different PLC brands.
(800) nematron
In Sync With Data
SQL Sync in Crimson 3.0 programming software lets users synchronize logged data from G3 HMIs directly with a Microsoft SQL Server with no third-party software or custom script. With dual Ethernet ports, an engineer can assign a fixed IP address to the port connected to the appropriate PLCs, drives, etc., and IT personnel can choose their own IP address or select DHCP to configure the enterprise port.
Red Lion Controls
(717) 767-6511
Can’t Miss ‘Em
Simatic KP32F PN control panel has 32 large, LED-backlit and configurable keys, and IP65 protection. It is suitable for safety-related applications, with four fail-safe inputs connecting one or two emergency stop buttons in accordance with SIL 3. Flashing LEDs can prompt operator interaction, or changing colors can indicate machine status in red, yellow, green, white or blue. It has two Profinet interfaces.
Siemens Industry
(800) 964-4114
Versatile HMI
NS series touchscreen HMIs have built-in Ethernet communications, alarming/recipe/data-logging capabilities and live video input/display capabilities. The CE-compliant HMIs allow users to monitor ladder programs without using a PC. They have Ethernet communications and an integrated simulation function that simulates ladder programs and screen data simultaneously without the actual hardware. No extra software needed.
Omega Engineering
(800) tc-omega
Connection Options
XV and XP Series operator interfaces have serial and Ethernet connectivity options and include Visual Designer software for data archiving, recipe management, multi-language, SQL database access and web serving. They are available in screen sizes 3.5–15 in.
(800) 386-1911
Operator interface touchscreens have the same color conversion technology as LCD TVs with LED backlight intensity to 800 cd/m2, and include a 400 MHz RISC processor, and built-in video in and audio in/out interfaces. Up to four MicroSmart expansion I/O modules snap onto the back of the panel for simple I/O control. It includes 12 MB of user memory, and an SD card and USB flash drive can be used for extra storage.
(800) 262-4332
HMI Handles Many Tasks
UL-listed open-platform, 7 and 10 in. touchscreen HMIs come with Windows CE pre-installed, with an Ethernet port, USB ports, three serial com ports, an SD card slot, and an audio jack. With preloaded web browser and optional Web Studio, the HMIs handle remote data entry, remote monitoring, and support for multiple devices. The units are CE-certified, RoHS-compliant, and UL-listed for both Canada and the U.S. The fanless units draw only 12 W of power for tight spaces or sealed environments where the airflow is restrictive.
Maple Systems
(425) 745-3229
Take the HMI Challenge
22 in. widescreen Challenger HMI provides intrinsically safe date transmission in hazardous areas 1/2 and 21/22, with an IP66 rating, screen resolution of 1680x1050 pixels and an aspect ratio of 16:10.
MTL Instruments
VTS/VTScada v.10.1 adds a client for smartphones and tablets, hierarchical tag organization, enhanced security manager, lift station templates, expanded application version control, and new voice for VTS alarm dialer. It communicates with most PLCs and RTUs, and replaces master PLCs with a built-in polling driver.
(800) 463-2783
Lots of Links
Infilink-HMI Version 5 industrial automation software for Windows 7 and XP is for small to medium-sized PLC applications and includes a design mode for drag-and-drop application design and OPC Server with communication driver. It has a graphical library to import drawing tools, buttons and animations; historical and real-time trending; a datalogger; and customizable alarms.
Kessler-Ellis Products
(800) 631-2165
Full Graphics
GP4000M Series HMI with 3.5 and 5.7 in. LED-backlit LCDs has full graphics, a TFT touchscreen interface with serial or Ethernet connectivity. The operator interface is installed using a 22 mm thread through a common hole size used for pilot lights or pushbuttons. These models are programmed with Pro-face GP-Pro EX development software.
Pro-face America
(800) 289-9266
Off My Back
Backpack computer compatible with company's existing line of panel displays lets users service or change out the computer without removing the display from its cabinet or enclosure. The computer detaches from the back of the display with six screws for ease of maintenance. The displays range 12–20 in. with a stainless steel bezel and NEMA 4X rating when panel-mounted.
(508) 359-8161
Graphic Solution
Open-platform HMI iX panels have IP66 lightweight aluminum construction with keypad and touchscreen options. Five screen sizes range from 3.5 to 15 in. Included iX software is available in developer and runtime versions for 250, 2,000 and 4,000 external tags or an upgrade version regardless of tag size.
Beijer Electronics
(847) 619-6068
A Clean Look
LabMate 2653AB NEMA 4X flush-mount, in-wall monitor with an aseptic design has a stainless steel enclosure, recessed front door and internal hinges. The 15 or 19 in. display has a membrane keyboard with sealed trackball, and has a KVM extender with several KVM options.
Daisy Data Displays
(717) 932-9999
Harsh Visualization
HEC-HMI Harsh Environment HMI is available as HMI only or with a PLC in the same enclosure. With extended operating temperature range of -40 to 80 °C and 8–32 Vdc input power, the backlit LCD is available in 2 line x 16 or 4 line x 20 character configurations, with nine pushbutton inputs and four programmable indicators. Network communication is via CAN port or a field-configurable serial communication port for RS-(232) 422/485.
Race Faster
InduSoft Web Studio is an HMI/SCADA development tool designed for building supervisory applications quickly and deploying them on any supported device. Users develop HMIs, OEE interfaces, KPI dashboards and SCADA applications in an intuitive development environment.
(512) 349-0334
PAC Display Windows-based HMI development application can create graphical interfaces that mimic a process. Support for alarm management, recipe handling, operator logging, real-time and historical trending, multimedia and unlimited tags are included.
Opto 22
(951) 695-opto
Tough Term
QTerm-G72 panel-mount HMI terminal has a 7 in., 800x480 pixel, LED-lighted, TFT-LCD, resistive touchscreen; 10/100BaseT Ethernet, Atmel ARM-9 processor and two serial ports. Qlarity object-based programming language and design environment is included. The device meets NEMA 4X and IP66 specifications for hosedown, icing and salt spray.
(801) 466-8770
Takes the Heat
Open HMI explosion-protected touchscreen panel PCs with Intel Atom series CPUs operate at full performance to 50 °C. The system can even briefly tolerate peaks of up to 55 °C. The series is certified for gas and dust zones 1, 21, 2 and 22. The closed housing contains modules with separate explosion protection that can be replaced individually if required, and are available up to a 24 in. widescreen format with full HD resolution.
R. Stahl HMI Systems
+49 (221) 59808-200
No Server Needed
Industrial Falcon is a cloud computing-based solution that lets users view raw data from any OPC server via web browser so there's no need to maintain web servers, is highly scalable and allows access to multiple users without additional cost. It provides a central repository for data where changes to a system or operation can be made and easily propagated to other users accessing the repository.
Software Toolbox
(704) 849-2773
All in One
Vision1040 PLC with a built-in HMI has a 10.4 in. display and nine programmable function keys. Onboard I/O can be added with a module onto the back of the PLC. Display options include more than 1,000 user-designed screens, and up to 500 images per application.
(617) 657-6596
www.unitronics.com  VESA-Ready
17 and 19 in. NEMA 4-rated VESA mountable LCDs have 1280x1024 resolution, are auto-sync compatible with VESA video standards in an aluminum, thermoset black powder-coated, gasket sealed, vent-free enclosure. Options include resistive, capacitive or optically bonded touchscreens; extended temperature range; sunlight viewability.
Vartech Systems
(225) 298-0300
Small, Powerful
Magelis STU small-panel HMIs provide data logging, USB port application download and remote web access capability, along with serial port and Ethernet connectivity and a 3.5 and 5.7 in. color graphical touchscreen with QVGA. The HMIs are certified for IP65, NEMA 4X, ATEX/UL1604, UL508 and RoHS.
Schneider Electric
(800) 788-1704
www.schneider-electric.us  Soft Objects
JetViewSoft v.3.11 SCADA tool has an object-oriented approach; the user needs no experience in object-oriented programming. The user can store created objects to libraries for reuse in other projects. Dynamic functions and macros flexibility is achieved by integration of high-level programming language JetSym STX as scripting language.
+49 (7141) 2550-466

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