Automation Professionals Invest in Education

Aug. 6, 2012
It's Back-to-School Time for Training and Certification
About the Author
Katherine Bonfante is senior digital editor for Control and ControlDesign. You can email her at [email protected] or check out her Google+ profile.When I was a child, I loved getting ready to go back to school, and by getting ready I mean going back-to-school shopping. Learning and making new friends were great too, but having tons of homework assignments wasn't so much fun. As an adult, with multiple higher education degrees under my belt, how do I prepare to go back to school? And why should I?

Once I graduated college, I remember promising myself that I would never go back to school. After all those long hours staying up late studying for exams, finishing research reports and presentations, I swore I wouldn't do it again. Yet, once I secured a job, I realized I couldn't allow myself to be left behind. I need to keep up with technology and its changes. After all, technological advances are always plotting to make me obsolete.

[sidebar id="3"]If I don't attend trainings seminars, certification courses or workshops that show me how to connect the knowledge I gained in my college days with today's technology and work demands, I would not be a valuable asset to any corporation. In the machine builder world, industry professionals have this same dilemma.

You don't believe me? Read our article "How Should We Train?" In this report, a small specialty machine builder with designs on growing out of its regional market presence finds out what other builders think about the value of certifications for its younger employees. See our experts' opinions on training and certifications, and understand the importance of keeping your industrial certifications current.

Keeping your certifications up-to-date allows you to learn new things as well. For example, safety standards are always changing to comply with new government regulations and technological advances. Knowing about these regulations and procedures can help you save your life and your job.

Editor in Chief Joe Feeley wrote about the importance of safety and training to keep you and your job safe. In the article "Hard Training Realities," Feeley said that industrial corporations today can do anything and everything right when they possess the latest advances in technology. However, running an industrial plant and its processes correctly depends on machine operators, and having the proper training to do this is a must-have.

Don't think that with the tough economy it's better not to invest in education. Now is the best time to spend some cash and better prepare your skills. Senior Technical Editor Dan Hebert believes that automation professionals are currently in high demand and he stated that in his article "Good Time to Be an Automation Pro."

Read his article and learn why Hebert says that after decades of waiting, machine and robot automation professionals have reached a position of strong leverage.