StackLights Enhance Machine Image

July 14, 2011
Edwards Signaling Helps Machine Builders Meet High-Quality Machine-Status Needs With Its 200 Class Lineup of Stacklights

Whether a machine costs $1,000, $1 million, or somewhere in between, quality is clearly key to machine builder success. Every component used to build a machine impacts the customer"s perception of its quality. Think for a moment about a $250,000 sports car with a $100 paint job. Hard to imagine, right? When it comes to selecting stacklights, arguably the most visible component on a machine, it is equally no time to cut corners.

{siebar1}Edwards Signaling aims to help machine builders meet the need for high-quality machine-status indication with its new 200 Class lineup of stacklights. These products are offered in five diameters: 70, 48, 36, 25 and 18 mm. The company says the 18 mm diameter device is the smallest modular LED stacklight available in the world today.

"Edwards Signaling 200 Class stacklights are designed to deliver the highest possible level of safety, reliability and performance," says Barry Donahoe, general manager of UTC Fire & Security"s Edwards Signaling business. "Once wired and installed, live parts are simply not exposed. This innovative quick-connect approach allows lamps to be replaced and modules to be added or removed safely and easily without the need for an electrician."

Assembly of the 70 and 48 mm modules is accomplished using an innovative connector and locking ring mechanism, Donahoe explains. "Insert, push and twist. It is that quick and easy. Teeth in the locking ring provide the added benefit of tightly securing stacklight modules together. This prohibits loosening in high-vibration applications."

Donahoe says likewise, connecting the smaller 36, 25 and 18 mm devices is also a snap. "A unique snap-in-place latching mechanism enables a quick and easy module assembly while retaining an IP65 rating."

The 200 Class stacklights are rated for a wide range of supply voltages. 70 mm stacklights are available in 12-48 Vdc and 24-240 Vac; 48 mm stacklights are available in 24 Vac/dc, and 120 and 240 Vac; and 36, 25 and 18 mm units are available in 24 Vac/dc.

Four types of light sources are available: Ultra-bright Multi-Light-Point Luxeon Rebel LEDs, LED bulb, Xenon strobe, and incandescent lamp.

"Lenses are crafted of extra-thick, optical-grade, UV-stabilized, self-extinguishing polycarbonate, providing a higher degree of impact resistance," Donahoe says. "All 200 Class stacklight modules are available in six lens color options: blue, amber, red, green, yellow and clear/white."

Acoustic modules are top-mounted and available for all but the smallest 18 mm stacklight. "Piezoelectric acoustic modules offer six different, DIP switch-selectable sound output types," Donahoe says. "An IP54-rated, high-db output, magnetodynamic acoustic (MDA) module option is also available. In addition to the highest level of sound output, MDA modules also provide an extended range of 32 different sound output types, selected by means of a DIP switch."

An extensive range of mounting brackets, angled wall brackets and extension rods is available. Bases and extension rods are available in stainless steel, flexible steel and ultra-high-strength polycarbonate.

"Long before we introduced this new lineup of stacklights, we talked extensively with a wide range of machine builders about what was most important to them," Donahoe says. "When we returned with prototype product to allow a hands-on comparison with what they had been using, their reactions were even more favorable than we originally had hoped for."

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