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May 10, 2011
Terminal Block and Connector Solutions Take Sensors and I/O Points Out to More and Different Devices and Applications

The speed at which software features and tools are introduced makes it tempting to think that hardware doesn’t evolve. That would be a mistake. As more users get hip to fieldbuses, Ethernet and wireless—and as these technologies get progressively less expensive—these innovators are taking sensors and I/O points out to more and different devices and applications where they haven’t been used before.

Consequently, this is fueling revived interest in and implementation of many terminal block and connector products, as well as demand for newer solutions as users try to meet previously unexpected needs they’re encountering in these new environments.

Fit for Water
Mini-Fit H2O weatherproof, compact connection system is designed for wire-to-wire applications to 9.0 A per circuit. IP67-rated, it consists of plug and receptacle assemblies and male and female crimp terminals. The plug and receptacle assemblies have a pre-installed interface and wire seals, for a lower applied cost compared with connectors with manually installed seals. It is suited to tight-space applications, such as those in automotive, lighting systems and medical devices.
Gigabit Ethernet
Cat. 6e field-installable RJ45 connector provides IDC termination up to eight poles. The design can accommodate conductors AWG 27 to 22 and cable outer diameters of 4.5-9 mm in both stranded and solid cables. Other features include tool-free assembly with captive wire manager and clear wire map, and multi-port capability.
Quick Custom
ITC/PLTC cables offer exposed-run instrumentation and control wiring for factory-floor automation equipment, material handling, sensors and transducers, process controls and other applications. The cables eliminate the need for conduit in most installations and reduce material and installation costs. They are UL-listed and approved for wet and Class 1, Div. 2 hazardous areas. Custom cable is shipped in five days or less with no minimum length or quantity.
Patch That
Cat. 5e straight and crossover Ethernet patch cables in eight colors and 3-50 ft lengths support up to 1,000 Mbps and are designed to reduce the effects of electromagnetic interference by using one metal-foil shield that wraps around the set of four twisted, shielded pairs and shielded RJ45 connectors. The 350 MHz cables exceed all Cat. 5e TIA/EIA standards, and reduce impedance and structural return loss (SRL) compared with standard 100 MHz cables.

Power Distribution
IEC terminal blocks include a screw-clamp, 80 A power distribution block for up to three wires in, four wires out; are available for either base mounting or DIN rail mounting; and are rated 600 V. Housing is a molded polyamide 6.6 thermoplastic, and offers funneled wiring entry with finger-safe IP20 terminals. It’s UL-listed, CE-certified and RoHS-compliant.

Modular, open-style ring screw (RSC) and ring bolt (RBO) lug connection terminals are designed to replace traditional barrier blocks and are available in 9 and 13 mm profiles. Unlike barrier blocks, modular RSC/RBO terminals are available in both panel-mount and DIN rail-mount packages. They support feed-through connections and current transformer (CT) shorting within switchgear and control system applications.
Phoenix Contact

Sweet 16
Impact20 fieldbus I/O station has 16 inputs or outputs suited for use in terminal boxes and control panels due to its compact size. The device includes predefined inputs and outputs, port-related shutdown in case of failure, and group diagnostics via the bus. The module’s pluggable spring-clamp terminals feature integrated status LEDs for single-channel diagnostics.

Adapt and Terminate
DB9F-to-5-screw terminal-block adapter connects field wiring to DB9 connectors on USB serial adapters, Ethernet serial servers and other Sealevel RS-485 products with a DB9M connector. With a standard DB9 connector, the adapter works with two- and four-wire RS-485 networks and can be secured to the serial port with thumbscrews to prevent accidental disconnection. The adapter is RoHS-compliant.
Sealevel Systems

To the Max
picoMax PCB male header/female connector system replaces pin strips or pluggable, screw-based PCB terminals. Space consumption is reduced by about 30%; vibration resistance is 16 g (per IEC 60068-2-6). picoMax encloses conductors between the male header’s tin-plated contact bridge and the female connector’s cage-clamp spring-loaded unit.

For Thermocouples Only
DRTB thermocouple terminal blocks come in type K, J, T, E, N, R/S and U calibrations, equipped with a built-in miniature female thermocouple connector for auditing and troubleshooting. The device is DIN rail-mountable and audit-capable, and is manufactured with thermocouple-grade alloys to guarantee accurate readings.
Omega Engineering

Eight Seems Enough
Eight-pole M8 actuator/sensor connectors fulfill all requirements for shock and vibration resistance, operate from -25 to 80 °C, and are IP67-rated when connected to their mating parts. These connectors provide high contact density—providing up to eight signals of transmission with an external power supply. The single-ended molded connectors connect sensors or actuators to switch cabinets or distribution boxes, and have an open cable end.

Be Fruitful and Multiport
M8 multiport junction blocks are IP67-rated with three-pin M8 connectors (v3 style) in four-, six- and eight-port models, and provide 24 Vdc operation from -30 to 80 °C. Home run connections can be made either via integral cable (with eight-port models) or a V19-style eight-pin M12 connector. LED indication is provided for PNP sensor outputs.

ASIUK5Return terminal block can be mounted almost directly up against the side of the panel or equipment wall or in a double-row configuration with the backs of the terminal blocks against each other. It is 6.2 mm wide and has a rating of 30 A at 300 V with a wiring capacity of 30 to 10 AWG. The housing is molded with a UL94V0 material, and the metal bodies are a nickel-plated copper alloy.
Automation Systems Interconnect

On-site Connections
Cat. 6 RJ45 field-wireable connectors extend an Ethernet cable in on-site assembly with no special tools for up to 10 Gbps networks. A color-coded adapter and an Ethernet connector integrate three strain relief settings suitable for cable diameters of 5-9 mm, and are shielded to protect the cable from EMC interference.

Tough Connection
In shielded and UTP configurations, Cat. 5e Industrial Max patch cords have flame-retardant thermoplastic elastomer (FR-TPE), polyurethane (PUR) and polyvinyl chloride (PVC) cable jacket options. The patch cords and outlets have Cat. 5e RJ45 connectivity encased in a protective outer housing made of heat-resistant thermoplastic with a bayonet-style mating design that latches with a quick ¼ turn. Both outlet and patch cord are IP67-rated.

Quick Links
Bulletin 1485P KwikLink Lite is ODVA-approved for wiring DeviceNet networks, and is designed to extend the network into light-duty, IP20-rated applications. Drop-lines for connecting nodes can be added using two-piece connectors. The cable system supports intermixing of DeviceNet cable types. All KwikLink Lite connectors have insulation displacement technology (IDT).
Rockwell Automation

Network Terminals
NetBloc is 11 different networking terminal units that provide network connection and network cable management on 35 mm DIN-rails, and it gives engineers a method to organize, manage and label networking connections in much the same way they currently manage power and signal connections.

Fold-Back Technique
MooreHawke TG200 TrunkGuard Series fieldbus device couplers use a fold-back technique that detects a short in an instrument, disconnects that spur from the segment, and illuminates an LED. The couplers have four, eight or 10 fieldbus spurs, and work with Foundation fieldbus H1 and Profibus-PA. Couplers can be DIN-rail mounted or enclosed in IP66-rated, glass-reinforced polyester (GRP) or stainless steel enclosures.
Moore Industries

SNAP to It
Snap Tex mounting and wiring accessories include terminal extender cables, breakout boards, wiring harnesses, DIN-rail kits, jumper straps, rack adapters and other components for mounting and wiring Opto 22’s automation, control and I/O systems.
Opto 22

Cable Catalog
Industrial Cable Catalog features more than 160 pages of portable cord, industrial power cables, instrumentation cables, tray cables and lead wire. In addition, this catalog contains the majority of standard industrial products and custom cable capabilities, including green energy and emerging markets, and an enhanced technical section.
Coleman Cable

Smart I/O Slice
SmartSlice GRT1 remote I/O terminals have a CompoNet interface and ac input modules. The ac input modules reduce space and have 110 Vac or 240 Vac inputs by offering four inputs. SmartSlice uses building-block style I/O terminals that allow connection of up to 64 remote I/O units. Pin terminal blocks enable screwless wiring.
Omron Electronics

Bus Terminals
HD bus terminals have 16 digital I/O channels in the housing of a 12 mm electronic terminal block. Using Beckhoff bus couplers or DIN-rail-mounted controllers, the terminals are compatible with almost every major fieldbus. The terminals come in Beckhoff bus and EtherCat versions, and are available as 16-channel terminals for digital inputs or outputs; as eight-channel terminals for digital inputs or outputs with two-wire connection; or as combination terminals with eight digital inputs and eight digital outputs.
Beckhoff Automation
Clean Rating
Rated for Class 1 cleanrooms, standard and custom high-flex silicone flat cables are halogen-free, don’t shed surface particulates, and are water- and chemical-resistant. Custom cables can incorporate power conductors, shielded signal pairs, video and coax conductors, tubing for air or fluid transfer, and fastening strip in a single cable design.

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