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February 2011 Recent Product Introductions

Feb. 10, 2011
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Opt for Accuracy
KinematicsOpt software option for iTNC 530 contouring control with a mounted touch probe in the CNC machine spindle increases accuracy and can control up to 13 axes and a spindle. From measured values, iTNC 530 calculates statistical tilting accuracy, with the software minimizing the spatial error arising from the tilting movements. At the end of the measurement cycle, the machine geometry is saved in the respective machine constants of the kinematic table.

Check Your Volts at the Door
R-3W2 externally mounted voltage indicator provides a visual indication of electrical energy inside an electrical panel. For UL Class 1 Div 2 areas and rated for UL Type 4X, 12 and 13 environments, it has a 40-750 Vac/30-1000 Vdc range, and carries a Category 3 and Category 4 surge rating for reliability on main power distribution buses.
Grace Engineered Products

Motor/Drive Combo
BG75 integrated brushless motors/drives are 2.95 in.2, high-power-density motors. Peak torques are 22.1, 44.2 or 55.7 in.-lb, and axial lengths are 4.53, 5.51 or 6.50 in. BG75x..SI regulates speeds to 1% over 70–4,096 rpm range; BG75x..PI positions within 10.5 arc-min; programmable BG75x..MI has fieldbus master capabilities and can execute PLC functions. Communication protocols are CANopen and Profibus.

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XG-7000 machine vision system image-processing engine combines the advantages of a standalone system with the flexibility of a PC-based system. It has a 3+1 parallel processor engine with advanced inspection algorithms, and offers intuitive flow chart programming, fully customizable operator interfaces and debugging tools for troubleshooting.


Clean Cuts
MS01 pneumatic position monitoring checks for workpiece presence or size accuracy, has an integrated cleaning pressure function to ensure that measuring results are not altered by dirt particles or coolant, and can be integrated into every machine controller as a block solution with the CD01 valve system.
Bosch Rexroth

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