Power to the People

Jan. 13, 2011
Higher Efficiency Demands Drive Power Supply Advances

More efficient power supply designs could save an estimated 15-20% of the more than 207 billion kWh of energy that flow through power supplies in the U.S. each year, according to the Electric Power Research Institute ( in Palo Alto, Calif. Hence, industrial customers are demanding ever-increasing energy-saving advances in their power supplies—not only from efficiency gains, but from other technologies as well.

Key on customers' wish lists are energy efficiency, reliability, flexibility and expandability, says Jim Hall, marketing manager at Staco Energy Products ( Staco's latest product provides up to 98% efficiency, continuous availability, expandability, and hot-swap capability.

David Norton, vice president of marketing at TDK-Lambda Americas (, says a Power Management Bus (PMBus), an open-standard protocol that facilitates communication with power converters and other devices in a power system, enables customers to remotely monitor the status of the power supply and make adjustments remotely to the supply’s operation. "This addresses the need for 'load shedding,' where during low system power demands, one or more parallel connected power supplies can be turned off to conserve energy,” Norton explains.

To Power and Beyond
Infinity power supplies provide the tighter output voltage regulation, and lower output ripple advantages of linear regulation technology. Line and load regulation for many models is 2 mV, and ripple less than 0.25 mVrms, 0.75 mVp-p with virtually no common mode noise. Standard models are available with outputs to 150 V and 150 W, with both slot output voltage ranges and wide-adjust models.
Switched-Mode Power
RNB130 primary switched-mode power supply for field instruments includes a 1.2-in.-wide housing and input 100-240 Vac nominal voltage with connection to mono-phased ac networks or to two-phase conductors of three-phase supply networks. Output is 24 Vdc, with 30 V maximum in the event of a fault. Power reserve includes a power boost of up to 2 A.
Passive Power
Passive PoE power injectors have 2- and 3-wire input versions, output 56 Vdc and meet Energy Star EPS Version 2.0 and Ecodesign (ErP) Directive 2009/125/EC Level 2 Annex 1b. The 60 W midspans are available with optional Gigabit BaseT data rates and have over-voltage, over-current and short-circuit protection, and UL and CE safety approval markings.

Supervise the Load
Mico 4.4.10 actuator-sensor monitors and indicates current ratings for 24 Vdc branch circuits, and handles capacitive loads to 30,000 µF. It has two channels to supervise actuators and two for sensors. The right channels are adjustable 4-10 A; the left channels are adjustable 1-4 A. Input from a single source is separated into two or four circuits, and a local LED warning can send a remote signal to a PLC.

Brushless Power
Power supplies with 72-85 V output are for use with dc brushless motors. The output is protected to prevent failures due to over-voltage generated by motors during rotation and freewheeling. The reserve capacity allows these units to operate at 20% higher power levels at 45 ºC without exceeding standard temperature limits. Available in single- or three-phase with 3.1, 6.6 or 13.3 A output, short-circuit, overload and over-temperature protection are standard for heavy startup load.

Load Monitor
Overload current control LOCC-Box provides load monitoring and protection in 24 Vdc circuits with adjustable trip current range (1-10 A), adjustable response characteristics, output alarm signal at 90% of load setting, and remote reset and remote on/off functions. No derating required as it functions independently of ambient temperature. Gateway communications for remote monitoring are possible.

More Power
With 40 A output at 24 Vdc, Quint SFB industrial-grade power supply has selective fuse-breaking technology for supplemental branch circuit protection on the dc bus. On sensing a fault condition, the SFB technology delivers a short peak of current, up to six times nominal current, to the faulted load. It has diagnostic feedback elements and offers early warning diagnostics through a local PowerBoost yellow LED and PowerBoost dry contact.
Phoenix Contact

Sensitive Control
Pisa 4-channel protection module allows sensitive loads and demanding loads to be connected to the same power supply. Similar to an electronic fuse but at lower cost, the 4-channel package provides more precise switch-off and no nuisance tripping. Sensitive PLC loads are connected directly to the power supply. Demanding loads that are most responsible for output voltage drops are connected through the 4-channel module that prevents power supply voltage from dropping below 21 Vdc.
Puls Power Supplies

Constant Power
Bulletin 1609-U uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) provide consistent, clean power in a traditional tower frame in 750, 1000 and 1500 VA models for protecting PCs, PLCs, servers and data networks.
Rockwell Automation

Compact Power
Compact, DIN-rail-mountable power supplies range from 2.1 A/100-240 input Vac single-phase to 40 A/400-500 input Vac three-phase. They have a power backup buffer module that supplies standby voltage during brownouts or load peaks for a defined period of time, tolerate ambient temperatures -25 to 70 °C, and have short-circuit, overload, and continuous open-circuit protection. Approvals include UL 508, CSA, IEC and EN.
B&R Industrial Automation

Power Is Universal
Rhino PSE switch-mode power supplies have universal input of 85-264 Vac in single- or dual-output models. Output voltages include 5, 12, 15 and 24 Vdc; and ±12 and ±15 Vdc. Single-output models provide a maximum output range 15-60 W; dual-output models provide 15 W and 30 W. Screw terminal blocks provide easy connection and the series is short-circuit and overload protected.

Network Power
PSU67 network power supply provides 24 V outputs of 50, 100 and 200 W from inputs of 90-264 Vac and 110-375 Vdc with efficiencies above 90%. Encapsulated case and potting materials meet UL94-VO. Connection is a 7/8-16 UN minifast.

Power for the Modest Consumer
Sitop PSU100C controlled power supply for the low-end performance range has 12 Vdc at 22.5 mm wide, and 24 Vdc at 30 mm models. Input voltage ranges 85-264 Vac for 120 V and 230 Vac single-phase networks without changeover, and operates on 110-300 Vdc networks at operating temperature range -20 to 70 °C.
Siemens Industry

Visual DIagnostics
SDN-C DIN-rail power supply in 20 A, single-phase 24 Vdc has visual diagnostic LEDs to show status at a glance and has active power factor correction and comes equipped with standard screw terminal connections. Its metal case allows the unit to deliver full power in a wide temperature range from -25 to 60 °C.

N+1 Redundancy
PS3500 power supplies have a modular design and selectable wiring configurations including N+1 redundant mode. These 24 Vdc, 15 A modules plug directly into a three- or six-position chassis/backplane for maximum capacity of 45 A or 90 A, respectively. The devices have external field connectors, LEDs and alarm outputs for quick diagnostic evaluation and natural convection cooling. They are certified for Class I, Div. 2/Zone 2 ATEX Zone 2 mounting.

Extended Temp Range
Pro-M Series power supplies have an extended temperature range of -25 to 70 °C, are available in six single-phase and four three-phase models with 24 Vdc output voltages and up to 40 A output currents. They have integrated overvoltage temperature protection, available diagnostic output, external shutdown ability, a power OK signal and remote on/off functions.

Switched Power
PC60 Series ac/dc switching power supply has 60 W output, optional DIN-rail mount and accessible terminal blocks. Output voltages range 5.1-48 Vdc, with efficiencies to 84%, and output over-voltage protection. The units are encapsulated with a thermally conductive potting compound in a plastic resin and fiberglass case that meets UL94V-0, are rated for 3000 Vac isolation, and are UL-approved and RoHS-compliant.

Dense Power
FH3000U1 front-end power supply in 1U form factor with DSP technology provides 48 V/3000 W from 180-264 Vac, is 95% efficient at 50% load, and has a power density of 33 W/in.3 at 3000 W. It has ac input over-voltage and under-voltage protection, variable fans, dc output over-voltage, over-current and short-circuit protection, remote sense, remote on/off and over-temperature protection.
Fuji Electric

Signal for Power
S8VM switching power supplies range 15-1500 W in a uniform height with an under-voltage alarm that signals voltage drops and causes, with combinations of LEDs to indicate whether voltage loss is a momentary power interruption, an overload, or a drop in the power supply itself due to aging.
Omron Industrial Automation

Power Fever
Firstline FLU-10S 10kva three-phase, on-line, double-conversion UPS provides computer-grade power quality, a standard battery run time of more than 9 min, and front-end harmonic correction to eliminate additional filtering. Front control panel includes an alarm and remote monitoring via RS-232.
Staco Energy Products

Cool Watts
LS200 Series convection-cooled 200 W power supplies have a universal input range of 88-264 Vac, input surge rating of 300 Vac for 5 s, and an enclosed fan-cooled version or open-frame U-channel configuration. Outputs are 3.3, 5, 7.5, 12, 15, 24, 36 and 48 Vdc, and outputs adjustable ±10% via a front-panel-mounted potentiometer.

Peak Power Prowess
Epsitron Pro three-phase power supplies process peaks in high-output requirements. Six models provide 24 Vdc with nominal outputs of 5-40 A. They include monitoring and configuration software, PowerBoost and TopBoost functions, and line monitor capability. Every model carries UL508 and UL60950, and operates with up to 93% efficiency.

Guards Against Sparking
PSG series is a general-purpose family of power supplies to cover the majority of 24 Vdc control applications. With an operating temperature range -20 °C to 75°C, PSG series includes eight DIN-rail-mounted power supplies with input and output ratings ranging 2.5-20 A. Class I, Div. 2, protection guards the PSG from sparking. It includes surge protection against transient and internal surges.

Fieldbud Power
Trunkguard TPS400 Fieldbus power supplies have 350 mA for non-isolated, energy limited applications or 500 mA for high-current-demand applications of isolated, conditioned simplex, non-redundant, or duplex, redundant, power to up to four segments. It has a high-availability, modular design that is hot-swappable with load-sharing in redundant pairs, a metal housing, optional pluggable surge protection and multi-segment H1 connectors.
Moore Industries Int'l.

600 W Switcher
Mean Well HRP-600 Series of 600 W switching power supplies claim up to 89% efficiency. For no-load power consumption, an optional remote on/off control with 5 V/0.3 A standby output is available. The family consists of eight single-output models with wide adjustment ranges to cover voltages ranging 3.3–55.2 V. It has active PFC, 300 Vac input surge immunity for 5 sec, remote sense, dc OK signal, LED indicator, EMS immunity,  short-circuit/overload/over-voltage/over-temperature protection and internal fan.

DC/DC Converters
TEP-100 isolated DC/DC converter modules are used where PCB mounting is not an option. It has a metal enclosure with four M3 inserts for attaching to a chassis or heat sink. Twelve models offer 100 W output with input ranges 18–36 Vdc or 36–75 Vdc and outputs 5–48 Vdc to 3–48 Vdc.
Traco Power