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Recent Introduction of Industrial Products

Feb. 8, 2011
See Some of the Latest Products Introduced to the Industrial Network Market

Analog Signal Converter
IO-Link analog plugs with 14-bit high resolution are for systems with limited instances of analog signals. They have IP67 enclosure rating, a space-saving housing, are connected directly to the sensor, and convert the analog signals into IO-Link signals before transmission. They are available with 4-20 mA current input and output, voltage of 0-10 V or PT 100, and a voltage output of 0-10 V.

Encapsulated Connectors
Homac multi-tap connector blocks and splices are encapsulated in PVC and accommodate cable sizes from 14 AWG to 750 kcmil in configurations of two to eight conductors. Made from high-conductivity aluminum alloy, they are dual-rated for aluminum or copper cable, pre-filled with oxide inhibitor, rated at 90 ºC/600 V, UL-listed, and meet or exceed ANSI C119.4 specifications.
Thomas & Betts

CAN bus modules interface network sensors and actuators to high-performance control systems. IP560 Industry Pack ANSI/VITA-4 card plugs into VME, CompactPCI and PCI bus mezzanine carrier cards or single-board computers in embedded systems. IOS-560 models are for use in Acromag’s I/O Server industrial PC. Both interface modules feature two channels with optional isolation and an NXP SJA1000 CAN controller with a TJA1041 transceiver.

Prepared for Hazards
JBBS junction bricks for AS-interface networks are FM-approved for Class I, Div 2, Groups A, B, C and D hazardous locations. They include options with four, six or eight short-circuit protected ports that can be shut off via integrated dip switches located under the cover. IP69K-rated JBBS junction bricks are available with M12 or 7/8-16UN connectors in stainless steel or nickel-plated brass.

2011 UpdateD catalog
The 300-pg 2011 Industrial Electronics product catalog provides up-to-date information and specifications for line of signal conditioning, data acquisition, and data communication products and introduces the 6.2 mm slim-line DSCP family of signal converters and ReDAQ Shape software for the 8B isoLynx SLX300 data acquisition system.

Flexy Cables
Belden Infinity C-TC+ and FCC cables with high-performance Belflex jackets have flexing capabilities, resistance to sunlight, oil and abrasion, and withstand temperature ranges of -40 to 90 ºC (cold impact) and -50 to 90 ºC (cold bend) for use in C-track systems, robots, automated assembly systems, material handling systems, multi-axis machine tools, wind turbines, etc. They are UL-approved for direct burial, suitable for Class I
and II Div 2 hazardous locations, meet the requirements of NFPA 79 for industrial machinery, and are CE- and RoHS-compliant.

Extend the Wire
iCON-3344 with IP30-rated housing and M12 Ethernet connector can extend Ethernet connectivity over existing coaxial cable to 200 m at 85 Mbps and 2,600 m at 1 Mbps. It complies with IEEE 802.3/802.3u 10/100 Mbps Ethernet standard and supports full duplex transmission. The Ethernet port provides auto-MDIX and auto-negotiation. The extender is compliant with IEC 61000-6-2 EMC for industrial environments and has front-facing LED indicators for continuous status reports on network speed.
www.axiomtek.com  DNP Discovery
KepServerEX v.5.3 adds DNP3.0 Ethernet and DNP3.0 serial drivers to KepServerEX v5 Suite. Automatic device discovery for SNMP and Ping drivers lets KepServerEX scan a network, detect devices, and select devices and their associated tags for import. Enhancements to the DNP drivers include improved optimization for low-bandwidth and noisy communication channels, and diagnostic messages for better management of errors, alarms and general notifications.

It’s a Lock
Han-Yellock connectors with integral locking system incorporate a pushbutton technology. Pre-wired modules can be installed into the connector body from the front or back and without fixing screws. The ability to combine potentials and contacts is integrated into the connector, and it has a single gender crimp contact design that eliminates the need for inventory and processing of male and female contacts.

Push It
Terminal blocks with push-in technology (PIT) reduce insertion forces, are available in a 2.5 mm2 cross section, and accept 22 AWG and 14 AWG ferrules. An actuation button opens the spring to the maximum wiring space of 14 AWG, and the universal button is compatible with any type of tool, including a pen.
Phoenix Contact

Flex ‘Em
Series XM flexible control cable in 18 to 8 AWG, 600/1,000 V range for medium- to high-flex applications has an oil-resistant construction, and shielded or unshielded versions for ranges of -30 to 90 °C (static) and -5 to 90 °C (dynamic). It meets NFPA Standard 79 for industrial machinery.
Alpha Wire

Process App
Industrial Hotspot radios with Sweet William Automation’s ScadaMobile app for the iPhone/iPod platform can provide access to live process control variables, and the ability to modify the data from an iPhone. The application creates a secure wireless interface between an iPhone and an existing 802.11 wireless network to read Modbus TCP/IP and EtherNet/IP process control variables from PACs and PLCs.
ProSoft Technology

Compact IS Connections
Up to 16 fieldbus devices per segment can be connected to compact, intrinsically safe fieldbus barriers. The 8-channel barriers can be combined with various standard enclosures and cable glands; the IS clamps are detachable, and with an aluminium, stainless steel or GRP housing, the coupler can be installed on DIN rails.
R. Stahl
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