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Industrial Networking Devices

April 29, 2010
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Convert Three Measurements
Universal input/output (I/O) transmitters for XYR 6000 series of OneWireless mesh network products can transmit signals from three different types of input, including high-level analog, temperature or millivolt or contact-closure switch input. The devices carry intrinsically safe approvals from FM Global and the CSA for use in hazardous areas.
Honeywell; 800/822-7673; www.honeywell.com/ps/wireless

Mission-Critical Ready
RuggedRouter RX1500 industrially hardened, integrated layer 3 Ethernet switch and router with hot-swappable platform allows customers to select among DSL, cellular, T1/E1, DDS, serial and Ethernet options, while offering up to eight-port Gigabit Ethernet and dual redundant power supplies. RuggedRouter RX1501 offers a greater port density in 100Mbps line rates, with support for up to 24 optical ports and 36-port copper 10/100BaseTX. 
Versatile Pro
IndustrialPro Wireless gateway provides 3G or 2G cellular connectivity, one Ethernet port, one serial port and support for either ac or dc power. Sixnet IndustrialPro Wireless router provides 3G or 2G cellular connectivity, one or five Ethernet ports, one serial port and support for either ac or dc power. It delivers full firewall and routing functionality, supporting IPSec or SSL VPN, port forwarding and support for network address translation (NAT), OSPF and RIP. It also offers a local Web-based management interface. Both are managed by SixView Manager software.
Hot Spot Radio
Industrial Hotspot RLXIB-IHxN 802.11n radios for rugged industrial performance and easy deployment in the field use a single Web-page setup. Options include single (RLXIB-IHN), dual (RLXIB-IH2N) and watertight dual (RLXIB-IH2N-W) industrial hotspots.The radios use MIMO (multiple input, multiple output), enabling data rates up to 300 Mbps.
ProSoft Technology

Wireless Analog
SM5100-P0X WIO wireless analog transmitter provides remote I/O capability to any Modbus system. WIO gateways provide connectivity on the receiver side. Battery-powered transmitter is designed for both 0-5 V input and 4-20 mA current loop powered sensors. Class I, Div. 1, intrinsically safe transmitter includes 24-bit analog-to-digital resolution, ultra-low-power sleep mode operation, and self-contained 3.6 V battery power.
949/305-9009, x625

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