Multicolor Status-Indication Alternative

July 8, 2010
Edwards Signaling New 125XBRi Chameleon LED indicators are an Ideal Alternative to Stack Lights

Traditional stack lights work great in many factory-floor and machine-mount applications. However, there are times when their height can be an issue with limited machine space availability and compact machine footprint designs. Their location sometimes makes them vulnerable to damage and expensive to maintain.

For more information call 800/336-4206 and select option 2, email [email protected] or browse to Signaling thinks its new 125XBRi Chameleon LED indicators are an ideal alternative to stack lights and other vertically oriented multicolor machine-status indicators.

"Due to their compact, 3⅞-in.-high, single-beacon form factor, these devices are only half the height of our main competitor's multi-color status indicator," says Barry Donahoe, general manager of Edwards Signaling. "Not only are the ultra-high-output Luxeon Rebel LEDs that power the 125XBRi light engine extra-bright, they're more efficient, more reliable and longer-lasting than other LEDs. These LED multi-status indicators are as eye-catching as xenon strobes, but they reduce high current draw and lower the high operational costs that come with frequent strobe-tube replacement. In addition, LEDs are inherently immune to vibration-related failures that can occur with other light sources."

The new 125XBRi indicators offer an extra, patent-pending layer of safety not found in other manufacturers' products, claims Donahoe. "Customers who have been given a sneak preview of these new devices have been impressed by the brightness and color vibrancy achieved with our high-output XBR Rebel Light Engine," he states. "But what I believe customers will find most exciting about these devices is the added layer of protection our Xtra-Safe technology delivers."

Donahoe says these devices deliver three different colors from one device to indicate status; (red/amber/green or red/amber/blue). Plus Edwards Signaling added unique color-keyed flash rates that correspond with each color (red: 240 FPM, amber: 120 FPM, green or blue: steady-on). "This Xtra-Safe redundant status indication makes it easier for machine operators to differentiate operational status with a greater degree of confidence than with color-based indication alone," adds Donahoe. "An estimated 7-10% of the male population has some degree of color vision deficiency—red/green color blindness being the most common—so this is a safety issue we all need to take very seriously."

The durable textured base of the new 125 Class devices are formed from a specially selected glass-reinforced polyester. Available in gray or black, Donahoe says these bases exhibit high strength and stiffness at elevated temperatures with good chemical resistance and dimensional stability.

125XBRi Chameleon indicators can be either conduit- or surface-mounted. A unique double-threaded (internal/external) integral mounting nipple accommodates ¾ in. (19 mm) or ½ in. (13 mm) conduit mounting. The devices are available in 24 Vdc and 120 Vac, are indoor- and outdoor-rated, are housed in NEMA Type 4X enclosures and are UL 1638- and cUL-listed.

"This new multi-status indicator is more 'chameleonlike' than ever," says Donahoe. "With its new adaptive design, one device now does it all. A quick and easy change in dip-switch settings converts the indicators for use with or without control from an external PLC, PAC or control relay. Regardless of the application, users will have the right device for the job with only half the inventory."

For multi-status indication in Class I, Div. 2-rated hazardous location applications, Edwards Signaling offers the same technology in its new 105XBRi Chameleon indicating devices.