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More Functionality, Please

Nov. 10, 2010
Control Software Has to Do More; It'd Better Have Integrated Tools

A look at this year's roundup items confirms what our user surveys tell us: Motion control software has a lot more to accomplish than it used to.

Some 35% of respondents to a 2010 Control Design motion control survey say they now use motion simulation software to emulate motion profiles.

Of those that answered yes, 70% of them get their simulation tools from the vendor's controller software suite.
When asked to evaluate the controller software package for configuration and axis tuning, respondents were not doing cartwheels—31% say it's easy to use and intuitive for most of their motion requirements, but 54% say it's OK for basic functions but not so easy for more complex motion.

Some of that complex motion appears to be in axis synchronization as 60% of respondents say their applications involve synchronizing servos or other motors, and more than a third of them have applications with six to 20 axes, and almost 60% need update rates faster than 100 ms.

To Size and Select
Motioneering 6.1.0 motion system sizing and selection software uses a mechanism project concept to collect and save axes load information, automatically calculate application results, and compare those results against a robust database catalog of products to identify the optimized linear or rotary motion system solutions to meet specific machine builder application requirements. In rotary applications, it can sum the effects of multiple axes of motion to rightly size the power supply and shunt regeneration.Kollmorgen540/633-3545; www.kollmorgen.com

Expanded Functions
CoDeSys v.3.4 programming tool's complex features can be activated or deactivated manually or with preset feature sets. It has optional FDT integration extending the standard configuration by device-specific dialogs from DTMs. New 3D CNC editor and 3D CNC libraries allow users to work with full 3D functionality in CoDeSys SoftMotion. A full version can be downloaded at www.codesys.com after registration.
3S-Smart Software
+49-831/5 40 31-17

Compile Faster
LabView 2010 has an off-the-shelf compiler, which abstracts tasks such as memory allocation and thread management to execute code an average of 20% faster. For field-programmable gate array (FPGA) users, it provides a new IP Integration Node to integrate any third-party FPGA IP into LabView applications, and is compatible with the Xilinx Core Generator.
National Instruments

Straightforward Curves
Curve Tool feature delivers graphical ease-of-use to custom motion and camming profiles in Delta motion controllers. With linear or cubic interpolation, velocity and acceleration limits, endpoint behavior and more, the curves satisfy a wide range of applications.
Delta Computer Systems

Range of Programming
IndraWorks engineering suite was developed for use across the entire range of Rexroth control and drive technologies. Users can program PLCs, motion controllers and HMIs, and configure drives from a single software suite. A visualization tool can also be upgraded to allow remote access and monitoring of project HMIs.
Bosch Rexroth

Close That Loop
Software-based closed-loop temperature control package sets parameters automatically; no additional programming is needed. Selected library function blocks in Automation Studio handle closed-loop temperature control, and an intuitive user interface helps select temperature range and sensors used, and define the number of temperature zones. Special algorithms ensure that optimized control loop parameters are available.
B&R Industrial Automation

ELC Programmer
ELCSoft programming software runs on a PC to configure ELC controllers. Programs can be created, edited, downloaded, uploaded, monitored and forced. The software supports copying programs from one controller to another, and it supports copying programs to and from the handheld programmer accessory. ELCSoft provides a powerful instruction set usually found only in more expensive PLCs.
Omega Engineering

Pick Your Project Pack
Project Basic for Snap PACs includes PAC Control flowchart-based programming tool with a plain-English command set and a scripting language, and PAC Display, an HMI development and runtime application. Project Professional adds the OptoOPCServer for communication with OPC clients, OptoDataLink for sharing system data with common databases, and support for redundant controllers, complex network architectures, and legacy Opto 22 I/O.
Opto 22

Full-Support Software
Scalable Proficy View machine-level HMI supports company's operator interface products from a single graphics editor with functions for data collection, visualization, animation, alarming and trending, and supports PLCs, CNCs, motion controllers, and serial devices. It supports OPC for data connectivity and the exchange of alarm and event information, HTML for publishing apps as web pages, XML for data exchange, SQL for database access, and VBScript.
GE Intelligent Platforms

PC Control With Safety
Simatic WinAC RTX F software safely controls critical devices from a standard dual-core Windows XP PC. The software allows standard control logic, as well as office applications, to run on the same PC with safety-rated logic. Scalable for standard or WinXP-embedded PCs, the software is preloaded on several Siemens PC-based or embedded controllers, including the Simatic S7-mEC-RTX F modular embedded controller and IPC 427C-RTX F industrial PC.
Siemens Industry

Extends to Robots
TwinCat Kinematic Transformation software extends its standard machine sequencing and motion control capability to Delta- and SCARA-type robot mechanisms and eliminates the need for a dedicated robot controller, the associated software and handshaking routines in applications that require a robot to handle part loading/unloading tasks.
Beckhoff Automation

Reduce Programming Time
CX-One Lite v. 4.0 automation software integrates micro-PLC programming with support software to set up networks, HMI and inverters, reducing programming time. Support for all IEC 61131-3 programming languages is included, and CX-Simulator eliminates the need to connect PLC and HMI hardware to develop and debug programs. It also integrates device operation for accurate error simulation without testing each separately.
Omron Electronics

Does the Math
nanoNavigator 3.0 for the nLC-055 controller supports new math capability, counter functions and larger data sets. It requires no programming experience, and is ideal for small to mid-sized machines with limited I/O. It can be programmed via flow charts or Relay Ladder Logic (RLL), and is free to download from www.nanonavigator.com.
Phoenix Contact

A Pro's Tool
Wago-I/O-Pro CAA 3.0 software streamlines control programming and visualization for PLC application development, conforming to IEC 61131-3 open standard. For additional support during development, the software user-defined data types, and a visualization tool permit direct access and visualization of data within a Wago PFC.

Reusable Structures
MachineStruxure automation solution for industrial machines is based on flexible hardware platforms and SoMachine software, a modular and reusable software suite developed to enable the design, commissioning and maintenance of logic, drive, motion and HMI controllers in a single environment.
Schneider Electric

Suite Integration
ProductivitySuite software is tag name-based for documentation management and integration with HMIs. Data is stored in true database format so it can be searched, filtered and sorted; a .csv file can be imported to update the tags, or the file created every time the project is saved can be imported into other databases. The onboard program documentation feature stores the program, tag database and all program comments to the CPU and is available to any connected PC.

Open Integration
IsaGraf IEC 61131-3/IEC 61499-compliant environment programs a variety of automation products, including PACs, PLCs, DCSs, RTUs, CNCs, embedded microcontrollers and motion controllers. Based on a scalable and modular platform, IsaGraf 6 provides a managed open plug-in environment that enables integration of components. The infrastructure allows IsaGraf Runtime to coexist with any other PLC in the same development environment, unifying them under IEC 61131.


One-Time Design
KW Software’s Multiprog and ProConOS require a one-time design to leverage control know-how into different control platforms. KW SoftLogic creates single tagging database and HMI software and shares the same tagging database by OPC server under Windows CE operating system. Multiprog supports all standardized IEC 61131-3 programming languages.
Advantech Industrial Automation


Enhanced Security
Gp-Pro EX Version 2.2 HMI development software includes multimedia capability, remote PC access, high-speed device linking and built-in control logic editor. The software is designed to speed application development for both OEMs and end users that need to standardize on one HMI package that supports Windows-based systems and dedicated operator interfaces. Other features include local and remote security and traceability.
Pro-face America

Communicate Better
With RSLogix 5000 v19 software, Logix controllers, including ControlLogix L73 and L75 programmable automation controllers, can leverage a unicast feature to communicate to other EtherNet/IP devices, reducing network traffic. An updated wizard-style step-by-step translation tool makes it easier to migrate A-B PLC-5 applications to the ControlLogix platform.
Rockwell Automation

  Ready, Set, Drive
MotionSet proprietary commissioning software can speed conventional indexer setup with pre-defined load-and-go application templates. It also allows programming of 32 individual motion profiles from a single screen via a tree configuration, which can be mapped to I/O points, initiated via Modbus/TCP, and chained or looped together. Input functions can be used to trigger motions, change operating mode, clear fault conditions and synchronize motions, while output functions include drive status, motion status, motor position and timed pulses.
Ormec Systems; 585/358-3520; www.ormec.com
PLC Programming
FPWIN Pro is developed according to IEC 61131-3. Features include one software for all Panasonic PLCs; five programming languages including instruction list, ladder diagram, function block diagram, sequential function chart and structured text; six supported languages including English, German, French, Italian, Spanish and Japanese; remote programming, service and diagnostics via modem or Ethernet; minimal program size through optimized compiler; debugging and monitoring tools; support of user-created functions and function blocks; and archive project file.
Panasonic Electric Works of America
TopDoc PLC programming/documentation/maintenance software is available for both Linux and Windows operating systems. File formats, functions and features are common to both versions so users can move between the two operating systems. TopDoc is used to support SoftPLC open-architecture PACs. Features include ladder logic programming and documentation, PLC configuration, online monitoring/programming and reports. A console option provides access to the PLC via SSH for remote troubleshooting.
Integrated Solutions
Wonderware Operations Software 3.4 and Performance Software 3.4 integrate with Wonderware’s System Platform and InTouch HMI software and are built on standards-based ArchestrA real-time service-oriented architecture (SOA). This provides a comprehensive manufacturing execution system (MES), enterprise manufacturing intelligence (EMI), human-machine interface (HMI) and supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) solution using a single platform.
MotionWorks IEC Pro integrated development environment based on IEC 61131-3 is built on the same code as MotionWorks IEC Express software and includes all additions made to the MotionWorks IEC Express software since May 2008. The Pro version allows users to program in sequential function chart language, and configure projects with up to 16 tasks.

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